Frayed BurpCloth

I’ve made burpcloths for years – such a cute baby gift, and so easy.  Recently I’ve changed my style to the frayed edge – it’s a trendy look, but I like it.  You can probably figure out how to make these on your own, but here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a frayed edge burpcloth.
You’ll need:
2 pieces of fabric (I use baby flannel) size 9 inches by 18 inches
Sewing Equipment
If you want a monogram or other decoration, sew that on first.  Mongorams are cute and can be easily done without an embroidery machine – just use iron-on heat-n-bond, cut out a letter, fuse it to your fabric, then zigzag tight around the egde.
To assemble the burpcloth, first stack your material with WRONG SIDES TOGETHER – this goes against what you know about sewing! (Usually it’s always right sides together)
Now, if you want extra shape, you can do this next step – it you want to keep it sqauare, skip this step.  With the stack of 2 pieces, fold in half and cut like picture – come in towards the fold and round the corners near the raw edge.
Open back up and sew together along edge with a generous 5/8 inch seam as shown:
Then grab your scissors and cut perpendicular to your stitch line.  Make cuts about 1/4 to 1/2 in apart (I just eyeball it).  Be sure not to cut where you sewed.  This is the most time-consuming part of this whole project, and once you get going it doesn’t take that long.
Then throw it in the wash and do a rinse cycle and then dry it in the dryer.  This will rough up the edges.  And voila, done – you can wow the mother-to-be with your amazing skills.

entering the CSI fabric and sewing challenge:

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    Very cute. I just made my little guy a frayed bib, just for kicks, and love how easy it is to just sew up the flannel and snip. If I was going to do much I’d get the special scissors, though, it’s a bit hard on my hands.

  2. says

    How darling! I love the fabric you used! I also love burp clothes and cute handmade baby gifts! Thanks so much for linking up to Hoo’s got talent!

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    OOHH! I am going to copycat you! These are adorable. I used to trim mine with eyelet, when I could get it 3 yards for $1. Then, I changed to a simple rounded pattern, no trim. I am ready to jump on the fringe bandwagon. Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea. I can hardly wait until someone has a baby!

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