Packaging: what to look for (elastic thread, etc)

Sometimes it helps to see sewing tools in their packages so you know what to look for when you’re at the store.  Those amazing turing tools look like this and I found them near the grommet/snap gadgets.
Now, on to elastic thread.  It’s all the rage in the blog world.  I made a dress using it and wanted to do more things because it was super easy, but thought it was a little pricey (the dress took almost the whole spool).  The first time I bought it, I looked in the thread section and found the Gutermann elastic thread – only 11 yards and around $3 (pictured, it’s the yellow spool).  Killing time at the fabric store while waiting for my turn to get my fabric cut, I happen across a different version from Dritz back by the elastic.  It comes in a package as pictured – and has 30 yards for only $1.50.  No wonder everyone is using elastic thread – I wish I would have bought this stuff the first time! 

All opinions are my own – the Dritz people have no idea I’m writing this post

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    great post..knowing what type of packaging to look for makes finding what your looking for soooo much easier! gotta get me one of those turning tools!

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