June 17, 2010

Quick Turn Tool

A few weeks ago I had a sewing party at my house.  I was trying to help speed things along, so I sat and turned a sash right-side out for someone while they hemmed, etc.  It seriously took me 30 minutes.  Turning tubes right-side out is such a hassle.  But then another friend at the party gets to a point where she needs a sash turned and she says "hey, I think I have a thing-a-ma-bob that will do that" - she grabs this unopened package, busts into it, and turns her sash in 30 seconds - what?!  Where was that 30 minutes prior - or actually, where has that thing been my WHOLE life??  Unbelievably easy.  And guess what - in all the gathering of stuff after a sewing party, she forgot her "Quick Turns".  And I'm not sure she even knows they're missing...mwahahah....thanks for unknowingly handing over a hosting gift Micah! (Oh all right, I'll give them back - but in the meantime I'm putting them to use!)

So yesterday my sister-in-law was whipping together a quick dress  and I took over her sash so I could show off this fabulous tool - - and since she was there to take video, it was perfect - - it's only a 30 second clip, enjoy (sorry about the occassional big-crazyeyes - for some reason I get that way on camera!) oh, if the video loads slow then just hit pause, let the red line load all the way across then hit play

Did you see that - amazing, right?  This is on my to-buy list next time I'm at the fabric store.  It comes with 3 sizes, and that tiny one looks like it can do spaghetti straps (which I usually avoid because they're normally hard to turn).  Are there any sewing gadgets that you can't live without?  Enlighten me!
Opinions are my own - Quick Turns has no idea I'm writing this post


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That is AMAZING! My sewing life has just been transformed. I'm not sure if you consider this a sewing gadget, but because I'm really bad at sewing . . . really bad, I couldn't live without fabric glue! It has come through for me when my hem hasn't been sewn all the way or I left the edges to short when I turned the project right sides out. So this is my shout out to fabric glue!

Oh my goodness! That is amazing! I seriously think I am getting one of those for my husband for Fathers' Day...I always enlist his help turning skinny little tubes 'cause I'm not patient enough to do it. Must get this...

The words that came out of my mouth: "That's amazing!!", and then I saw that all of you have said the same thing! LOL!!!!!! I am so totally buying one of those.

Hi Mandy! I can't sew worth anything, so tools like that are definitely made for people like me!! Thanks for sharing!

What a great blog Mandy! So much crafty goodness...great, because of you, my craft list just got alot longer! :)

Oh wow what a fantabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing!

You couldn't have posted this at a more perfect time. I'm getting ready to sew an easy maternity dress that has thin straps and a tie around back. The dress itself will be super quick to sew, but I was dreading the turning of those straps. I knew it would take forever and the "quick" dress wouldn't be so quick thanks to the straps. I'm heading out to get that tool ASAP. Thanks a million for posting about that fab tool!!!

Oh wow..how cool! Thanks for sharing and linking at PonyTails&FishScales!


Ok, someday, when I become an awesome seamstress, I'm going to remember this post! :) Thanks for linking up!

Vanessa @ Craft Envy

love the tool, but mostly, love the crazy-big-eyes! my computer is a bit slow and stalled a few times on the big-eyes. funny! : ) thanks for the fun and the great idea.

That is awesome!!! I have to have that. I occasionally make Bit of Whimsy dolls and the arms usually take me forever to turn. That would be so handy!

OMG. Awesome. Thanks so much! Also, we have that toy that was playing in the background. I can't place what it is for the life of me but I'm oh so familiar with the song. :)

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