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So yesterday while you were taking over my blog, I turned into a sewing mess.  I was embroidering and first I sewed the sleeve into the design (argh – that’s a mistake for a beginner) and then I sewed my finger (it’s not like I’m a sewing new-bie).  Oye.  Then I made red,white,blue skirts for my girls (hope to post them later today or tomorrow) and made one too small.  Such is the life of sewing – you win some, some you don’t.
Also going on yesterday – we upgraded our internet speed – wahoo!  Now I can blog in hyperdrive.
So once again, biggest link-up yet!  Thanks so much everyone.  Here’s a few that stood out:
With little girls sewing always on my mind, I loved this little reversible dress from The Train to Crazy:
But not to leave out the boys, this fishing game at Seven Thirty Three caught my eye – fun for everyone:
And from my teaser you know I have playhouses on the brain – check out this cardboard one from A girl and a glue gun:
I must be on a kid kick – look at this child table and chairs from Easypeasy Grandma – love it!
And I know it’s the time of the year to travel – Crafty Batches shows off what I’d like to take along for the ride:
Thanks to everyone – you make the link party happen!
If you were featured, feel free to grab a button:

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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