June 14, 2010

T-Shirt into Baby Romper

Every year my mom buys the whole family those infamous "flag shirts".  Seriously, every year.  I've been married 9 years - here's 8 pictures (the one from our first year isn't digital - shows how old I go back), all in flag shirts except one year (the year I got my embroidery machine and wanted to make our 4th of July garb) - and you know on most blogs if you want to see a picture bigger you can just click on it:
Some years the right sizes are easier to come by than others.  This year she couldn't find my toddler anything (toddler sizes are often MIA - what's with that?) so she bought him a 4/5.  He's not even 2.  The shirt was only $3, so I figured I'd try to turn it into a romper - if I messed up, it was no big loss.

So here we go - how to turn a tshirt into a romper.  I was making a size 18mo and used a child's XS (4/5) Tshirt.  Fold the Tshirt in half and trace the right shape onto it and cut (I used chalk because it showed up best).  See below for the shape or, as I did, grab a romper your child owns and trace around it.  I should have made the legs a little wider, just FYI.
Cut out it should look like this (notice the neck is left intact - baby heads are big, so no need to shrink the neck opening).  And you'll need those arm pieces you cut off, so don't through them away.
Open it up and hem the sleeve holes.  You can turn them under 1/4 inch and then turn them under 1/4 in again, or I ran them through my serger and then turned them under once.  The armholes are the half circle areas I'm pointing out below:
Then fold the shirt so the right sides of the front and back are facing each other.  Then sew the sides up.  I didn't have to hem the bottom of the leg holes because I used the edge of the shirt, but if you cut the bottom of the shirt off, you'll need to hem the leg holes at this point.

Now grab the sleeves you cut off earlier and cut the cuff thing off - the thing that's at the end of the sleeve. You want it to be a strip of fabric.  Take that strip of fabric and with right (front facing) sides together, sew it to the edge of the snap area - the curve between the leg holes.  It's hard to picture with the navy fabric, but try to look close.  Do this to each curve separately - 2 curves, 2 sleeve cuffs.
After that I flipped it and topstiched it to hold it down a little better.  Then I grabbed this snap-putter-inner thing (who knows where I got this!  maybe handed to me by someone who was cleaning out their sewing supplies - the price tag said $1 - and refills were $0.29 - wonder if that still holds true...).  I was nervous about doing snaps because I'd never tried it before - WHERE have they been all my life - soooo easy, and it looks so professional - it worked just like my BeDazzler (yes, I have that too - doesn't everyone?)
I think there were lots of ways to do this, but I had the snap strip things overlap each other - maybe you can tell in the pictures how I did it.  Also, I used 3 snaps because that's all that were in the package - I should have used at least 4.
That was it - I know, easy, right??
My model was more interested in playing than posing:
But I did get this one GQ shot of him staring off at something for a second:
You can do this - grab a tshirt and some snaps and try it!!
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I LOVE this... I feel like boy projects are a bit hard to come by and this is perfect for baby boys!!!
We have a linky party on fridays- we'd love it if you'd link to this! :)

Very cool! I love it, thanks for the tute, this is going into my 'to do' project folder. :)

Looks super simple. Thanks! :)

this is fantastic. I couldn't find knit rompers to fit my 9 mo old's chubby legs this year. (He has some seriously chubby legs.) I am going to try this immediately! Thanks!

That is great!!! Easy and fast!

Came across your link on Creative Itch's link party.

This is a great idea and looks super cute...now to find some t-shirts laying around.

Great idea! I'm your newest follower from crestive itch.

Would love it if you would join me for my 2nd linky party tonight!!



What a smart idea!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

Aw! What a fabulous idea! I need to have more babies to make these for! LOL I'm a follower!

Great idea and awesome tutorial! I’ll be featuring you this week so feel free to stop by and grab a Featured Button. Have a great week!

How cute is that, you made it look so simple!! Visiting from Craft Envy link party.

This is awesome! I'm totally going to make a couple!!

Very crafty of you! And the little man is adorable in it! Thanks for linking up at PonyTails&FishScales!


Wow, you rock! That is so awesome, I wish I could alter clothing like that. Thanks for sharing it!

Thank you for contributing this to http://www.FineCraftGuild.com's DIY Tutorial Linky Party.

It's beautiful and well presented.

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So CUTE! I actually got those same shirts for my whole family and was lucky enough to find one in the right size for my one year old. but I had to get it in white, which i'm not thrilled about. I am so excited to have my whole family in them on the 4th. I am sure my 5 sons think I am nuts (or at least I know the oldest does and I'm sure the younger ones will eventually!)

Love it! So cute and I love that you redid a tee to create it. Thanks for joining the Patriotic Parade!
have a safe and happy 4th!

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this is fantastic. I couldn't find knit rompers to fit my 9 mo old's chubby legs this year.

Cool Shirts

I LOVE rompers--like LOVE them! I think Baby W will still be wearing them in grade school, lol!

I love how simple and cute this is!
I am featuring it on my blog today!

Super cute. And I find the same thing with toddler sizes. Why aren't there more??

This is looking so cute on the little boy. A t-shirt can be recycled into many things, options are limitless. In the past I have made bermudas out of them, made tote bags, many things can be done. Thanks for sharing those awesome ideas.

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Love this! I made one for my baby boy for next summer (even though he hasn't been born yet!). I'm linking up to your blog post at sewing-chick.blogspot.com

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What a great idea! Finally, a use for all those old tshirts! Thank you for sharing! Judy @ KAMsnaps.com

This is so cute! And your baby boy looks adorable in these. I featured them here:

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