Another Fondant Cake – and kid-helpers-philosophy

I made another fondant cake – I wanted to try the filling thing I saw on the Make-A-Cake Series here.  It was de-li-cious.  I used a lemon cake with Raspberry Preserves smothered inbetween the layers – it was a perfect combo.

 I pictured a basket weave type of pattern.  It started with strips:

Then to “weave” you pull back 2 strips, lay down the one going across, flip up the other two, lay another across, repeat – kind of like below:

I was thinking that would be all.  To occupy the kids I had them rolling the extra fondant into balls.  The last cake we made had fondant balls on it, and they insisted that this one needed some too (I even offered that they could just eat the ones they rolled, but they wanted to add them to cake) – so I conceded and it got balls.  And then sugar sparkle (I flicked water onto the cake so the sprinkles would stick, but some kind of melted – oh well).  It turned out cute, and I was ok that the balls weren’t rolled perfect (I did have to reshape some crazy ones) because the kids loved that they contributed.

Now, speaking of kids contributing, don’t forget to let them be your helpers!  I used to do all my baking and some of my meal prep when they were in bed, just to avoid having helpers.  But they LOVE it and I think it makes for great memories.  Lately I’ve almost hit the point where it’s actually fun to have them “helping”.  Almost.  Anyways, even if it’s more work, involve them.  Some ways I let them participate in the cake – they rolled the balls – even my toddler had a pile of fondant to work with (although he ate most of his).  And f ondant cakes provide a great opportunity to let them frost a cake.  You have to put a layer of buttercream frosting on the cake so the fondant will stick – and no one will see the frosting, so let them do it and you don’t even have to care if it doesn’t look right:

And of course there are the spoils of being helpers – here they are after we made a giant pizza cookie the other day:

So grab some helpers and start baking!

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    Great looking cake! I’m with you on the food helpers philosophy – I love it when my girls help me, and so do they! Mind you I must admit to sometimes making chocolate cakes when they’re not looking as then I can lick the bowl out myself!! He He!!

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