Dress Like a Cow

If you LOVE Chick-fil-A then you know that today is Cow Appreciation Day and if you show up at the restruant dressed like a cow you get a free meal.  Oh baby!!  Last year we had to drive quite a ways (but well worth it) but since then a Chick-fil-A has opened right in our town – wahoo!  Need a quick outfit?
I grabbed an old tank and cut some blobs out of black felt, then quickly sewed them on by sewing in the middle.  For the skirt I took a rectangle of cow fabric (everyone has that laying around, right?) serged the bottom (too lazy to even hem it) and then sewed up the seam in the back, flipped the top down 1 inch to make a casing for the elastic, thread the elastic through, and done.  Whip you up something and go grab a free sandwich!!
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    This is hilarious! We don’t have any around here or I WOULD!!! I am going to go tell my sister about Cow Appreciation Day- maybe she will go pet her cows nice behind the ears or something!

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    I finally made it from Welcome Wednesday and am glad that I did. I love that cow costume! Very ingenious. Anyway, I’ve connected as a Google Friend so I’ll see your new posts in my daily reader.

    Drop in to my blog when you can. Follow if it intrigues, uplifts or otherwise pleases you. I write about wives encouraging, appreciating and respecting their husbands. I know – it’s an old fashioned idea in need of modern restoration.

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    My daughter dressed up today too! I also used a white tank and tacked on some black felt spots. I took an old white shirt that was stained in front and cut the back off. Then I sewed it down the middle, using the hem as the bottom and quickly put a casing in. I added black felt to that as well. It was so cute and we had so much fun today!

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