July 24, 2010

Green Fluff

Since I posted about my grandma's recipe last week, why not go for two weeks in a row.  I refer to this stuff as "Green Fluff" but it might have some sort of name that involves the word "salad".  I can't bring myself to call anything a "salad" that has a main ingredient of Cool Whip.

So grab the 3 ingredients above - pistachio pudding, crushed pineapple (do not drain it), and cool whip.  Dump them all into a bowl and stir.  That's it, that's the recipe.  This is a great one for kids to make.
Then let it chill for a little while and serve.  I love Green Fluff.  It's great when you're supposed to bring a side dish and need something easy.  It's a hit with those who go for it!


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My mum has always made this for potlucks as well! Only she adds half a bag of the rainbow mini marshmallows! I love it, and so does my 2 year old!

Ours is with marshmallows and we call it watergate salad ;) but i have heard it being called pistachio salad as well

This has been a family tradition as far back as I can remember with marshmellows, pecans, and I think sour cream mixed in as well. Love it!

oh mandy, I love your new background, header, and buttons. I thought I loved the old ones until I see these. They are so bright and cheerful and so darn cute! Nice job!

My mom always made this too only she used red jello powder and added cottage cheese.

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