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I almost titled this post “magnet broach” but I thought the word “broach” might scare some people away.  And “magnetic pin” was an oxymoron, so I went with “accessories”.  But you get the idea, right?

The other day I was headed to a get-together and last minute I decided my shirt needed an update.  So I whipped up some fabric flowers right before we left.  I know that t-shirt redos are all the rage lately, but a lot of them I’m just not loving.  I wanted to keep it simple, just a few flowers.  And removable so I could change the look when I wanted.  The solution was to make a pin instead of sewing the flowers directly to my shirt.

I took off this odd tied-bow thing and took in the side seams a little – the shirt is from several years ago and it seems the style now is a more fitted look.  Then I did the fabric flowers where the bow thing used to be.

The After (where my head looks huge and my body looks small – weird) and the Before (pic by my 5 yr old):

Here’s a quick how-to make Magnetic Accessories – -

First make your fabric flowers – you can roll them or gather them or gather and roll them or make Kanzashi flowers – whatever look you want.  For the ones above I left the raw edges and just rolled them.  Then arrange them however you like.

Next cut a piece of felt (or I guess fabric would work) in the shape of your arrangement.  Also cut a rectangle of felt the size of your magnet strip.

 Sew the rectangle on to the shape piece – leave one end open.  Pull the backing off the adhesive part of the magnet, slide it into the little pocket you make, and press firmly.  In the picture below the magnet strip is hanging out of the pocket so you can see it better.

Then you glue your fabric flowers to the shape piece of felt.  I used hot glue because I don’t plan on washing this.  I think a lot of different fabric glues would work as well.

And that’s it!  You wear on it anything just like you would a nametag.  It would also look cute to make these for purses/bags and you could mix and match what accessory you wanted on which bag for a certain day.
Back View:


Front View:

The only issue with this project is getting some of those nametag or badge magnets.  Maybe you have an old nametag lying around – I thought I did but couldn’t find it anywhere.  Ugh.  I found them cheap online, but when I had just a few in my basket (like $4 worth) the shipping was going to be $12.95 – what?!  So I ended up buying a whole load on Ebay – 50 magnets.  In hopes that you will want some.  I think this is the perfect project for lots of people, and since I ordered a bunch, I can divide them out and mail them at normal shipping prices. – – SOLD OUT

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    Very cute! I love those magnets. They are just like the ones I have from old work name tags! They are great.

    I will be featuring this on my blog on Friday!!

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