July 1, 2010

Playroom: FlowerBox

What window is complete without a flowerbox?  This is the side of the playhouse that runs under the stairs.  I knew I wanted shutters - I found a set at ReStore for $10, which I thought was a little overpriced, but oh well.  But the next day at a garage sale I found a set that fit my space better, and they were only $0.25!  What a deal!  I painted them and then they were hung directly onto the wall with finishing nails.  They are not functional.
On to the flowerbox.  I had bought a couple of decorative shelves at a garage sale for $.25 because I thought they were a good deal, not that I had a spot for them.  So they've just been sitting around until I thought they looked kind of like a little flowerbox and put one to use for this project.
I  had my husband drill a bunch of random holes and then painted it.
I bought fake flowers and cut their stems down with wire cutters since the shelf isn't very deep.
Now the kids can "plant" the flowers or arrange them however they want.  I've even seen them pick the white ones to make wedding bouquets.


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That is too stinkin cute! I want to play there.

I am always so inspired by your craftiness! I have an award for you, come pick it up! :o)

So very cute and creative! I feel deprived as a child....:o) So many neat ideas nowadays!!!

The playroom is so beautiful...I want to play there.
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