Playroom: Storage Shelf

This area is directly across the room from the playhouse.  It has an inset nook and I was super excited to find that the shelf I bought for $5 at a garge sale fit almost perfectly.  I bought those cloth square bucket things at Target for the shelves, but they weren’t quite tall enough and I wasn’t loving them.   Then my husband said to use the buckets (they cleared them out from his work so they were free) – genius!   Perfect fit and I love the look.  Too bad we only had 6.  I wrapped a strip of fabric around the top of the buckets and hot glued it into place to bring that color over to that wall.  The buckets have larger toys in them, namely: duplo legos, plastic dinosaurs, tools, wooden blocks, cars, baby toys, and something else I can’t remember.  Stuffed animals hang in that Ikea thing and the bigger ones are on the shelf.
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    $5 for that beautiful shelf? I’m looking for one just like it for organizing! It looks perfect in the play room and buckets instead of the expensive target baskets are another stroke of genius. Good job!

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    I am so jealous…..we use our formal living room as our play room and it’s the first thing people see when they come into our house….How I’d love an extra room! I love yours!!!

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