July 22, 2010

Showing Off (me and you!)

Here on my blog, I want to show off my blog revamp which started with that little bee favicon (picture by my URL).  Some of you asked how I did it - super easy, I just googled "how to add a favicon in blogger 2010" or something like that (I like adding 2010 so I know it's an up-to-date post) - I found a site where you upload a square picture and it turns it into the right format (.ico) and then some html code that you just copy and paste.  It was easy to do - sorry I didn't bookmark which site I used, but there were a lot out there.  I still can't see it with IE, and I wanted to gaze at it's cuteness so I switched to Firefox, finally.  Anyways, thanks for your input on my Look - lots of you mentioned a yellow bee, so that's coming, with a new background (I know lots of you mentioned you love the current one, but I've had it a couple of years so I'm ready for something a little fresher) and new buttons, etc - hopefully this weekend.  So pardon the mess if you stop by amidst the chaos.

Now, enough of my rambling, on to you!!

Did you see these mobiles??  Two blogs made them, so be sure to check Sumo's Sweet Stuff along with Vintage Creations Inc - I have GOT to get a circle punch!

I love a shout-out to crochet - I might actually be able to make these coasters at Just Make It:

With the pillowcase into little girl's dress, I've always thought I could make one for myself.  So I was excited to see that it was possible, over on Potholes and Pantyhose:

And how about this amazing look for a play kitchen - you should see the before pic - what a change, over on GoogieMomma:

And one more - love these book blocks - great idea, and seems easy enough - head to MotherLode for the details:

If you were featured, feel free to grab a button:


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Thanks so much for the feature! :) and for stopping by to let me know! :)

Heather @ vintagecreationsinc.blogspot.com

Thanks for the feature! Looks like I'm in great company!


I just love to see the fabulous things others are making. What talent! Thanks for featuring my sweet crochet coasters!

Thanks so much for the feature! I'm grabbing a button to put on my blog :-)

I just saw your post over at night owl crafting and loved the look of everything! I'm going to wait until the kids go to bed to go and look at everything here! I'm following you for sure!

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