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So, as mentioned yesterday, the recipe cards were yellow.  Then I saw this post over The Rowdy Stroudy’s – a Pucker Up Party and I knew the direction I wanted to go – lemons!!  I love lemon treats, so I took the idea and ran.  I knew I needed a vintage sheet – they had one at their party, and Amber is vintagey, so I thought it’d be perfect.  A couple days before the shower I told my husband I was going to check some thrift stores to find one – he gave me the “good luck with that!” and I thought the same thing.  But, I wandered into the first store, and there is was – $2 – perfect.  Now that was surprisingly easy!

My mom has various old things and I borrowed several of the old-school mason jars from her for wildflowers, holding the forks/spoons, etc.  It brought out the vintage feel.  She also had several trays, etc.

I made pom poms using the tips from Homemade by Jill – she had me worried that they were going to defloof, so I made them (with help from my child sweat shop) about an hour before the party.  But I let them hang around my house for a couple of weeks (why not!) and they still looked great, so for future reference I can make them a day or two ahead of time.

To hang them we (well, not me, but my cousin) just used thumbtacks in the top of the trimboards.

My boring piano is in the room where I held the party, so I grabbed a bunch of DIY wedding craft books and recipe books from the library to display (remember, kitchen theme).  I thought if there was a lull in the conversation while waiting for guests, we could flip through the books.  No worries about a lull – my family is talkative – very talkative.  Also I have a couple of random frames laying around from taking pictures (did you know I have a photography blog – check it out! ) so I set it up there to frame out my wedding bouquet (I had it freeze-dried, and it’s still here, 10 years (almost) later).  Oh, and that brown box is to collect all the recipes guests brought in.  And ignore that little boy who wanted to be part of the action – he isn’t part of the decor:

With another frame I set up this area to show-off a picture of the happy couple.  I found those flowers in my yard and added them to the display:

For a game I bought these little containers and filled them with various white powders (flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, etc) and then put numbers on the bottom.  Everyone has to guess what each number contained.  They were sealed so no one could smell/taste.

For game prizes I just grabbed a package of these take-out boxes and put small kitchen gadgets in them (corn holders, dish scrapper, can opener, etc)

I think overall it was successful.  I underestimated how many people would come, so it was pretty cramped on space, and hot with all those people, but other than that all went well.  It’s the first shower I’ve ever hosted – I feel so grown-up!  Big thanks to my mom and cousin who helped with it all. I’ll post all about the food (lemony goodness!) tomorrow.

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    That looks great! I love all of the little details. I’m throwing a shower for a friend in March and I’ll be bookmarking this for some ideas!

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    I am hosting a party over at Sassy Sites today too! I would love to have you join us and show off your fun blog! Come by and say hi and grab a button! oh… AND come and sign up for our giveaway too! $50 Gift Card in Vinyl Lettering!! xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

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    I knew your party would be great when you said you found the vintage sheet for $2. Sometimes things just fall into place and you did an excellent job pulling it all together. Love the book display on the piano, good idea! So many good ideas and lemon treats, what’s not to love? Good job!

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