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hello lovely sugar bee readers!! i’m so excited to be here today and i’m so happy i get to be a part of this two week guest blogger event! i hope you’ll really enjoy what i have to share with you today and you’ll come stop by my blog, a little lovely. i share all kinds of interior design ideas, craft tutorials, recipes, and other diy projects.

i also host a saturday soiree linky party and hope you’ll come join in the fun every saturday!!
today i’m going to share with you this simple and easy lamp revamp
isn’t it just lovely now?!? i love love love the fabric. i’m wishing i would have gotten a lot more of it.
here is the before. i purchased it at a local goodwill store for about $6.99

first i took the shade off and covered the electrical part with a plastic bag and taped it down tight.
i also covered the cord at the bottom so it didn’t get sprayed either.

then, i primed and spray painted a few coats of white.

while that dried i cut the beads off the lamp shade.


next i laid my fabric out upside down and rolled my lamp shade on the fabric while marking with a pencil about 1″ above the top and bottom.

i cut my fabric out, wrapped it around my lamp shade, marked where the fabric came together, and sewed one straight simple line to make a ‘slipcover’.
i then hot glued the extra 1″ fabric on the top and bottom inside the lampshade and finished it off with some ribbon.

after the base dried i put the shade back on!!
after again!!

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