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Makeup Roll and Bag

1.  Cut 3 rectangles from your fabric choice.
12 1/2 X 8
(2 are your front and back pieces and 1 is your pocket piece)
2.  Fold your pocket piece (ladybug here) down and iron~wrong sides together.
3.  Gather your makeup supplies and place them like I did below.
This will help you determine your individual pocket sizes.
4.  Grab your ruler and draw your lines with your invisible marker.
(My biggest pockets for my brushes are 2 inches wide 
and my smallest ones are 1/2 inch.)  
5.  Place your lined pocket piece on top of your inside piece right sides up.
6.  Pin in place.
7.  Sew a line across the bottom to hold the pieces together as close to the edge as possible.
8.  Next, start sewing your individual pockets like below.
Skip the edge (it will get sewn later) and sew up the first line you drew starting at the bottom and going up to the fold.

Stop at the fold, leave your needle down, raise your presser foot, turn the are going to sew back down the same line.
9. Once turned back around, lower your presser foot and sew back down.

Do this for each line you have drawn.

10.  Next grab your ribbon (22 inches long)

{If you use wide ribbon cut it 24 inches long}

and fold in half.

Place the folded middle part on the edge of your roll leaving some sticking over the edge.  Sew it in place like below.  

(Make sure you keep the 2 open ends on the inside of the roll and the folded part sewed down on the edge.)

11. Pin your other fabric rectangle on top right sides together making sure your ribbon ends are tucked inside and don’t sew them!.

Also, be sure to leave an opening….mine is marked by 2 pins and the marker is pointing to it.  This is how you will turn it right side out after sewing.

12.  Sew all the way around being sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.

(I also zig zag around again to be sure it is sewn together well.)

13.  Now take out your pins and reach in the hole and grab the ribbon ends and work them out carefully along with the entire insides.
14.  Grab a small paintbrush or something pointy and poke out the corners from the inside and iron down. 
 Be sure to iron the opening seams so they will be easier to sew.
15.  I top stitched this particular roll but usually I like to leave that part out.  I have issues with top stitching these….I prefer not to!
Hand~stitch the opening if you don’t top stitch it.

16.  Put your makeup supplies in their pockets.

(Keep in mind my measurements were off on the one below and this tutorial has correct ones so the top is higher and the big brush will not stick up)

Below is another roll I made.

(I prefer the smaller ribbon)


(2) 23 inch pieces of ribbon
(2) 12 1/2 X 8 1/2 rectangles of fabric
*the rest same as for the roll

(I am using scraps so I just used 2 different patterns)
1.  Cut your 2 rectangles out.
2.  Place them wrong side up and iron the top corner sides over like below.
3.  Sew on the folds.
3.  Fold the tops down a little and iron and then down a little more and iron and sew across the bottom edge…this is your ribbon casing.
4.  Place them on top of each other right sides together and pin in place.
5.  Sew all the way around starting just under the casing like below and stopping just below the other casing.  DON’T SEW YOUR CASING CLOSED!
(Be sure to back stitch when you start and stop)
I also like to zig zag around again to be sure it is sewed together well.
Trim off any access fabric.
6.  Put you hand inside the bag and poke out the corner.
Match the side and bottom seams together.
7.  Pinch the seams together and you can pin your corner triangle and then sew or just sew it.
8.  Sew it about an inch in or whatever you choose your bottom width to be.
I also zig zag stitch it.
9.  Cut your corner off being careful not to cut any of the stitching.
10.  Do this for both corners.
It will look like this….
11.  Safety pin the end of 1 of your ribbons 
and work it through your casing from one side around and back to that same side.
12.  Grab your other ribbon piece and start at the other side and do the same thing.
Knot the ends together at each side.
*Be sure to burn or fray check your ribbon edges so they don’t fray!
Below is the bag with the roll inside~Side 1…
Side 2
Below is the first one I made.
That’s it! 
Sorry for the lengthy tutorials but you guys asked for it on my blog so you got it!  

Come visit me and my creations!!!
And thanks for having me Mandy!


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