Pillow gone blah

I’m not the only one that makes stuff that just doesn’t turn out, right?  I wanted a big pillow for our basement couch – to lounge around on.  Of course I turned to sheets – I had some light blue ones that worked.  I thought it would add some interest to do shirring (like I did on this dress) across the middle – I used red topthread to match the couch.  I filled it with stuffing from an old pillow and some bean-stuff left over from the bean bags (made into floor cushions here).

So it’s done, but it’s not what I pictured in my head.  And it feels weird because it’s half  bean-bag and half pillow.  And it’s big and kind of awkward.  Oh well – you win some, you lose some.

I also made a “refashioned t-shirt” but it was awful – so bad I didn,t even take a picture of the reveal.  But I’m doing a second try on that project and I think it will go well.  I think….

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Oh, I really need to get around to posting some of my not-so-hot projects… they would keep you laughing for a while. :) Love that you shared it regardless.

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    You should take a picture of your “oops” crafts because they will be a good laugh once you finally make it the right way! I mess up all the time! I threw away a brand new t-shirt the other day because I thought making it a ruffled t-shirt would be soooo easy :)

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