August 6, 2010

RootBeer Birthday

Ever since I saw the Rootbeer Sampler idea on Homemade by Jill I've been wanting to create one.  My husband had a birthday, so I declared it a RootBeer Birthday and surprised him with the Rootbeer Sampler.  Then we had Rootbeer Cake (stay tuned for that tomorrow...)

I didn't find enough bottled rootbeer (I drove a looooong ways to a Whole Foods and they only carried one - argh!) so I stuck in a few plastic bottles and cans, just to fill the box.  Also, my kids toured a creamery when they were at Grandma Day Camp and came home talking on and on about rootbeer milk - so I thought I'd have to drive up to the dairy to get it, but then found out that my local grocery store carried it - perfect.
I tracked the wooden crate down at JoAnn's (Michael's used to carry them but no longer does).   I had the bottles prechilled so he could crack one open right away.  A fun gift - something different and enjoyed.

Oh, and don't forget about the Poppy Seed Fabric Giveaway - it ends today!


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Visiting from NFF!
That is a very cool idea

Zig-Zags and Polka Dots

This is such a cool idea. I might just have to do this my my husband.

Also this would go great with a recipe on my friends cooking blog.

love love love these!! you are one talented lady!!!


Such a cute idea (I'm here from Brianne's facebook)-that Shatto rootbeer milk is sooo good!

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