August 7, 2010

RootBeer Cake

So what to serve for a RootBeer Birthday - Rootbeer Cake, of course!  I didn't even know there was such until I stumbled upon it over at Joy the Baker.  With ice cream, it can be called the "Rootbeer Float Cake" - and it needs ice cream - it's really rich (and yummy!).  There's almost a can of rootbeer in the cake batter and another 1/2 a can in the icing, if I remember right.  I couldn't taste it too much in the cake, but it was noticeable in the icing.  Head over to the link above for recipe and directions.


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hey...they also have root beer concentrate in the baking only need a little...but charlie and his work buddies loved it! -aimee

Thanks for featuring this cake! I've been searching for a good root beer cake recipe for ages.

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