Scented Bags (by Heather from The Traveling Thrifter)

Hi , My name is Heather or Hez

I’m so excited to be guest blogger of the day, and I must say – this is my very first guest blog appearance. I’m so nervous, and excited and hope that you all enjoy my post.
My blog “The Traveling Thrifter” was created to have a little place to display my work and creativity (and rants) to someone other than my husband and two oh so cute kiddos. Not that they don’t love my whims but, let’s face it, it’s not the same as sharing it with someone you’ve never met and getting their honest opinion. (Though he too secretly really loves it and reads my blog…I caught him one day :oP ).

Since I’ve ventured on this journey I’ve had 52 fabulous bloggers stumble upon my world. I’m shocked! and even more motivated as the days go on.
But enough about me…Here’s something I whipped up especially for Mandy and all her Sugar Bees. Hope you ENJOY!
A Treat for Your Nose & Clothes
Here’s what you need:
Fabric of your choice…one with a loose weave is nice for this project 1/4 metre should do. (Cut these into 4 x 4 inch squares in pairs until you have desired amount)
Sewing Machine
Smelly Spray
paper towel or something similar

What to do:
Besides the obvious like threading your machine, take ONE fabric square right side up
Select your ribbon pattern and sew it to the square

Sew the other square to the newly sewn ribbon one wrong sides together (or right sides facing out) along the top bottom and one side, sewing a ribbon hanger onto the top side. Leaving a small raggy edge.

Once this is all done, sew a piece of Velcro to the open side of the square…Now you are done.

The velcro hole is where you can place your scented paper towel or even scented crystals etc…it can be removed once the smell as gone or replaced during another season. Hang these on a few of your hangers in the closets and you’ll always have wonderful smelling clothes

Another cute idea with these, if you are very organized or giving them as a gift like I am for a friend of mine who is, instead of ribbon zig zagged on the square just cut material or use iron on letters in the letters S M T W T F S. Hang them on the outfit you plan to wear through out the days of the week! Hope she’s not reading this…surprise may be ruined : o S

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Thanks for sharing your idea. I love the Velcro making it easy to change out the scent as apposed to old fashioned sachets that would loose the scent and I’d give ‘um a toss! For kids the days of the week is fun too, making busy school mornings easier.

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