August 3, 2010

Wall Stencils

The view below is looking into my kitchen prep area from the eat-in area.  I have vaulted ceilings over the cabinets.  Who knows why!  It's just wasted, hard-to-decorate space.  The old owners had it wallpapered, but yikes, it wasn't my style.  So that came down (not without a fight, though).  And I painted my green that I love.  But still, it needed more. 
I had a friend come over when I said "I need help stenciling my kitchen" - she later admitted that she didn't know what I was thinking because she, like most people pictured some little vine stencil thing.  But stencils can be cool!  Here I am with the actual stencil sheet product, pulling off the first wheel.
I got better with each one.  The detailed instructions say to use minimal paint on your roller, but I was in a hurry to see the results so I used too much paint - there was a little bleeding, but I could only see it up close (and I don't plan to let people climb on my cabinets, so it doesn't matter).  The hardest part was deciding placement.  After my friend left I had to rely on my five-year old, as I held the stencil and asked her "does that look like it's in the right spot"
Actually, maybe the hardest part was the heat.  Hot air rises, and I swear it was 20 degrees hotter up on top of my cabinets than on the floor - really!  Phew, it was a doozy.  But well worth it.
I had one stencil size - the large - but to get some smaller wheels I just used that stencil and didn't paint the outer rim. Here I am with the small roller that's available through the same site - loved it!
What I loved most is that a stencil is reusable!  It gives the look of vinyl decals that is so "in", but you can use it over and over.  Perfect.  Now I look up and see this instead of my boring wall of nothingness:
The black plays up our built-in desk area which is in the eat-in kitchen (so basically in the same room) and the yellow is in my curtains.  It's hard to get a good shot of the whole room, but I tried:
I wish I could invite you all over to see them - - they look AWESOME in person. 


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Oh yes, I had to come back and see THIS reveal- that's just stunning!

i Love it!! I love that you used 2 looks great!! Man that sure is one.big.stencil!!!

Beautiful! I love the elegant and fun feel it gives.

Oh my goodness, I love it!! It's such a fun idea and it turned out great!

That is beautiful. Love it! What a great idea thanks for sharing.

That is so pretty. I love that. Adorable!

These look great and I like the way you staggered them!

WOW! Those look great! I want some!!!

That looks awesome!! I love it!

Those look absolutely awesome!!

That looks so good! I love big bold graphic prints...definately adds some eye candy to your kitchen. Beautiful!

the stencils came out awesome! :)

Oh wow! Thanks! I am going to head on over and see if I can find something for my living room. We have vaulted cielings in there and it is painted a horrible deep red so the room looks eh... 6 years I have lived with this I VOW NO LONGER! lol

Looks Amazing! And by the way I love your name! I just finished stenciling my wall too, you can see it on my blog and the post title is Seizure Wall {not REALLY}
Thanks for your great tips, I am totally following your creativeness!

Love it! I can't wait to come over and see it in person! It is much better than the Magic Eye wallpaper. And I'm a little disappointed that you will not allow me to stand on your cabinets! I'll live, I guess!

Oh that looks awesome! I'm trying to get the nerve to do something like that to a wall in my family room! Wish I could have a second opinion on what to do!!! Thanks for giving me some more options! Great job!!

WHOA! That looks great! I wonder how that would look near our staircase :)

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I'll have to admit I was sceptical, but it looks fantastic. That Emmy has an eye for decor.

That looked dangerous but what a payoff! It looks amazing, so fun!

This is seriously cool! I've always thought of stencils as tacky but these have totally changed the feel of the whole room! Very nice!

These look great! I love the colors you used. I could see using something like that in my teenagers room. It would be great to use as art because they hit an age when you don't know what to put on their wall other than posters!

That is downright amazing! I love it.
Thanks for sharing such a great ide.

that looks awesome, i LOVE that pattern. i've been looking for something that wasn't floral or damask. great job!!

these really look amazing! glad to have found your blog and definitely going to check out some stencils for my powder room. thanks for sharing!

Whoa! Looks pretty amazing! Great color choice too! Glad to see that you still have wood cabinets!!

WOW--that changed the whole look of your kitchen and yes I have done projects on top of cabinets in a vaulted ceiling kitchen and it is so much hotter.

Thanks for linking up and you entered perfectly


Very awesome! Thanks for sharing at It's Party Time Thursday at PonyTails&FishScales!

How cool is that! What a great way to add interest to your super tall walls.

Those are some big stencils! I think they look great! Visiting from Fireflies & Jellybeans AND Domestically Speaking. :)

That looks fabulous! It's such a fun look.

Well done!

Great job & so original!

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WOW! Those look amazing. You are one brave woman to stand on your cabinets and on top of your fridge. I would be afraid they would come crashing down! All that hard work was definitely worth it.

Thanks so much for linking to Transform Tuesday!!

So gorgeous! It caught my eye out of a party with over 200 entries - so it must be good!

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this! Please come link it up to Fabulous Friday, our linky party that's open till Monday night. Beautiful job.
Heather @

These turned out AWESOME! Great job!

I featured you here:

This looks so awesome and I really just love how you made use of that wall space. I featured this on my blog.

So awesome. And you STOOD on your cabinets? Wasn't THAT the hard part? Lol.

The stencials are very cool and like you said "whimsical". It makes your room look bigger!

You always seem to AMAZE me! I wish you lived closer to me so I could do all your fabulous projects with you! Thank for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

That stencil is awesome and your walls look amazing! Super job! :)


Love this stencil! Your kitchen turned out fabulous. The colors look fantastic. Thanks so much for linking to the DIY Club! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

Check out the DIY Club post this morning--The Voting Is On...

Whoahhhh! Those stencils are the coolest! Your application looks flawless and professional! I feel very fortunate to be included with such talented ladies on the list of DIY Club finalists! Having connected with so many inspiring and multi-talented bloggers, I feel like I've already won! Best, Jenn

Mandy this looks great!! Such a cool stencil and the colors and placement are perfect! And they're huge!

Great job! Congrats on being in the Top 12, I feel like we've all won a little bit just for being picked though, right? :) Winning would be great too though.

Take care!


This looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

That's a great stencil. Love the look and great way to fill the space. Looks like you had to do some "climbing" too in order to reach the space. Love the colors.

Oh wow! How cool these turned out!!

Wow! I love how this turned out. Its such a fun bold statement and so pretty. I love that stencil.

I love these!!! So very cool!!!

I popped over to you from UCreate. WOW! Your stencils look fabulous. What an impact it made to your kitchen. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm now headed over to check out the stencil site.

I LOVE the stencils!!! Really adds interest and brings your eye up I bet! :) Thanks for sharing your kitchen link with me!!

Where did you get the stencials?

these ones are from Cutting Edge Stencils

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