The craft I’m sharing with y’all today is my little hobby of wreath making!! I think I was mostly inspired when I saw how much craft stores charge for decorated wreaths. Some of them can be pretty pricey when you know they only cost 1/3 of the asking price to make, at least!! My favorite wreaths to make are the twine wreaths, and they are SO cheap to buy!! At most craft places, they are only around $5.00; I usually buy mine when Hobby Lobby has them on sale for 50% off. Then, you just pick out whatever materials you want to fill in your wreath, and again, you can stock up when items are on sale!!
Here are a few samples of wreaths I’ve made with a short description of how each are made.

For this first sample, I made this wreath for our purple themed vow renewal ceremony. I bought the twine wreath from Michaels as well as the flowers I thought went best with the colors of the theme!! I simply cut the flowers individually from their bunches with a pair of pliers, leaving enough of the stem that could be tucked in between the twine. I weaved the flowers throughout half of the wreath until it was full. For this particular wreath, I used no glue. If you tuck the flowers tightly between the twines, they will stay just fine, but using a hot glue gun is always an option, especially if the wreath will receive a lot of wear and tear outside!!

For this next sample, I made Christmas wreaths as presents for all our family!! This one was very simple and a fraction of the cost you would pay already made in a store!! Plain Christmas wreaths can be bought at almost any store during the holiday season. I knew I wanted to use Poinsettias with red, gold, and silver fillers, so I chose enough for six wreaths from Michaels. I cut the Poinsettias and fillers from their bunch with pliers and used the branches of the wreath to wrap around each piece to hold them in place. Because I gave these away as gifts, I used some super glue to help hold the pieces in place. A hot glue gun will work just as well. For the bow, I tied it around a branch of the wreath and super glued the bottom ribbon to the branches. Any color/style bow can be used to give the wreath its own unique look!!

This last wreath is one of my favorites and the easiest/cheapest I have made. I had a twine wreath I paid $2.50 for (50% off at Hobby Lobby), and I bought a bunch of Eucalyptus at Hobby lobby as well for 50% off for $5.00 (Wal-Mart also sells Eucalyptus for $5.00), making this wreath a grand total of $7.50…a steal!! A wreath like this would literally go for at least $30 at a store!! I simply took each piece of Eucalyptus and intertwined it into the twine of the wreath, giving it a full, fresh look!! No glue is required for this wreath; it will hold very well. It only took me about 30 minutes to complete it. This would make a great gift or a great room accent, and it smells wonderful!! :o) Accents or fillers can be added to a wreath like this for different looks, and different colors of Eucalyptus can be chosen as well!!
Thank you again for having me, Mandy; it is fun to share my hobby with y’all!! 
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