Braided Headbands

I was hosting playgroup this past week and you know how I love to craft while the kids play – here’s the email I sent out:

The kids will play and the moms will get to do a mom craft – fun!!  We’re going to make braided headbands to spice up our ponytails.  Here’s some samples if you’re wondering what they look like:

So you’ll need to bring if you have it:
–scrap fabric (strips 18 in long)
–$0.25 to contribute to elastic (I bought enough for everyone)

And so there you go – a fun, easy, group project that you can do while yacking away and watching kids.  Follow the links above for the how-tos – here’s my masterpiece:

And the visual of it in use:

One hint we can up with is to safety pin the top of your strips to a pillow or your pant leg so it will hold for you.  Also, if you braid tight you’ll need a longer strand than the directions list.  Some moms in creating mode:

A 3-strand version was tried, and I like it!

This can also be a fun project for kids.  The funnest part – the girls got to pick out their own fabric strips of fabric.  Then I showed them how to braid (one over, the other over, repeat) and let them push the pedal on the sewing machine.  It made for a fun afternoon project:

So, you have a group of moms that want a quick easy craft?? – some other ones we’ve done:
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