Canning Peaches

Last year my mom’s peach tree had one peach.  One.  This year it had a few more than that….

She called us about a month ago to come and help can the peaches.  Let the fun begin!

We boiled the peaches to make their skin easier to remove.  I’m not sure it helped that much.

A good trick when you run out of stovetop space – use the roaster.  We kept the syrup goo stuff warm in the roaster.

I tried to pack the peaches in as tight as I could.  Then you pour in the syrup stuff and get any bubbles out.  Then put a lid on and boil them to seal the lid.

Even with tight packing there was space in the jar – oh well.  The day after canning we made a fresh peach cobbler – it was unbelieveable!  Too bad I didn’t take pictures of that….

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    I canned peaches recently too. And yes the boiling of the peaches does help! If it didn’t slide right off you may not have left them in the water long enough. Then fill your sink with ice water and then you don’t burn your little fingers off and it stops the peaches from cooking too long before processing. You probably already did that though. Your jars looked beautiful! And the space in the bottom ALWAYS happens. I don’t think there is any way of preventing it. Great job!

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    I sooo wish I knew how to do this. A friend tried to teach me to can apples years ago, but it just didn’t stick in my mind. My dad gave me a used canning-thing-a-ma-bob (see I even know the technical terms) that he picked up at a garage sale . . . maybe I will have to drag it out and try it . . . maybe . . .

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