Countdown Bunting

Does it seem like buntings (those banner things) are all over?  So with them on the brain, when I wanted to make a countdown to our family vacation, I immediately thought, countdown bunting.

So, how to make a Countdown Bunting?? easy – cut some shapes that are relevant (can you guess where we’re headed??) and then cut/punch/use stickers to mark each shape with a number.  Punch holes in them and string them up somewhere that is a hot-spot in your house.  I hung ours over our computer desk which is in the eat-in area of our kitchen – the go-to hub for us. Voila, that’s it.  Rip one off each day and let the excitement build!!

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    Holy Mickeys, that’s cute! (Or should I say “holey” Mickeys?) That takes my usual plain ‘ole paper chains look so shabby. I LOVE this idea, and can’t wait to try it.

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