September 29, 2010

Disney - Girl Outfits

So Monday's Mickey Countdown post might have eluded to this, but all week I'll be posting the crafting that went along with our family vacation to Orlando.  Today's great - beware, cuteness overload:

You know how cheap - er, "frugal" - I am, so souvenir shirts aren't even an option.  But we need something Disney, right?  I made the girls SUPER cute Minnie Mouse outfits.  I didn't take many tutorial pictures, because it's pretty basic.   First I made the pants - I couldn't decide if it would be hot or cold, so I went mid-way with capris.  I just used whatever pattern I had bought on sale for $1 at Joann's and used the red dot fabric..  Then I slightly gathered the black dot fabric and attached ruffles to the ends of the pants.
Then I got to thinking how I hope the girls even know who Minnie Mouse is (we're cable deprived so if it's not on PBS...) so I googled Minnie Mouse Images - - guess which one they zeroed in on??
That's right, the risque Minnie adult outfit, 2nd one in on the top row.  Of course.  I had thought about doing a shirt with a big appliqued head on it, but they saw that picture and vetoed the applique.  They wanted a belt and shirt like that outfit.  I wasn't sewing a shirt (are you with me - pants are so easy to whip up, but a shirt - intimidating!) but I thought we could do a belt.
So I made a belt by attaching two ruffles of black dot onto the sides of a strip of red dot, then sewed the strip all the way around the shirt to make a casing.  To make it look more fitted, like a belt, I threaded elastic through the opening, just like you would when you make an elastic waistband in pants.
The elastic gave it a little gather and some body - I think it turned out cute.
Then they needed a bow, like Minnie.  I covered headbands in black dot then made a big bow (like here, but 2 loops instead of 4) out of red dot and glued it on top.  Hope it stays!
The whole Minnie Mouse Outfit is really cute!  I wish I could have gotten a picture with both girls wearing theirs but one is at school and it's blog crunch time so I couldn't wait.  Oh well - I'm sure we'll get plenty at Disneyworld.
So, maybe $6-8 on fabric and then 2 shirts at $3.50 each.  Great deal - way better than a Disney Gift Shop.  And cuter, if you ask me.  Oh, and I grabbed myself the same shirt and did a little decal - I didn't want to be left out:


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That is such a cute outfit! So inventive of you with the mock belt - looks fab!

So cute! I made something similar for my daughter for a trip last spring but ours had to have a skirt since she's very anti-pants. I love that you made yourself a shirt too!

Really very cute. Well done. They will be the most stylish girls in the Magic Kingdom!

This outfit is fantastic! And I love your little applique. Very clever!

Oh wow!! I want to make myself one for when I got to Disney!! LOL Thus, if I ever get the chance. Those are too cute!

You did an amazing job!!! I love it!

That is so adorable! I love the pants.

So sweet! I bet you hear lots of "awwwwe, isn't that cute," while your exploring Disney.

I wish I would have seen this last week. We are leaving for Disney in a few days! I want to show this on my blog. Email me at

I would love to have that outfit, sadly I don't sew. Would you consider making one for me?? My daughter is 7 and we'll be going to Disney in Feb. Please let me know if you would and what you would charge, thank you so much.
Nicole @

Adorable! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

These are sooooo cute!You children must be soo excited wearing these at disney!

SOOOO adorable! If we ever make it back to Disney I have a whole list of outfits I want to make & I am definitely adding this one!!! Awesome!

Love it! I may have to use your ideas!

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