September 16, 2010

Fabric Roses

There are tons of fabric flowers out there in blogland.  But when I saw the "rose" version I had to bookmark it  - something about them called to me.  The tutorial is over at Snowy Bliss - and be sure to scroll all the way down and see her version in the rectangle container - I wish I could have found one of those.  Oh well.

I bought a few small vases and jars at a thrift store on discount day and thought they'd be cute in my craft room.  I made the flowers for the vase, and it also has buttons in the bottom (I don't think this idea is very user-friendly, but it's sure cute!).  The jars have pins and safety pins. 
I found the little shelf at a garage sale for $2 - it was ugly but with a fresh coat of paint it has a new life!
Here it is in my craft room, by a dresser that's not supposed to be in there:
 And since by know you know the lighting in my craft room is awful, I took it outside for a few pics:
And I just had to include this picture because I took it as an aerial shot looking down on the flowers - I was impressed that I could hold the camera above my head, pointed down, and still get it pretty much in focus:
So anyways, I love craft-blogland and all the ideas you put out there - so I can make stuff like this!!

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Mandy! We are supposed to be buddies! I think that I may or may not have told you that already.... cause my name is mandi too! Love these roses, and congrats on almost being at 1000 followers (999 right now to be exact) If I wasnt already following you I would totally be #999 but then I guess it would be #998 huh? Anyways congrats and if you have any pearls of wisdom please share!

Love your guts

What a pretty arrangement, they go so well on that little side table. Well done.

These turned out beautifully!

Those are just beautiful. Saw them on Tatertots and Jello and they caught my eye.

Ooooh, I love the bright happy colors you used! Fabulous!!!!

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