September 1, 2010

Google Reader Next

What inspires you?!?  For me, it's YOU!  Other blogs and all the crafty ideas out there.  I *might* be addicted to searching craft blogs for inspiration.

And that's why I love my Next Button.....

Ever heard of google reader??  I'm sure you have - but just in case, it's this program where you can view all the blogs you follow at one time - see all their new updates.  To get to it, when you're signed in to your email, click on "reader".  It's up at the top above the Gmail logo (see, it says: Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Web, READER, more):

I've never really used Google Reader because I like to get the "feel" of a blog - see it's background, etc.  So I just click through my blog roll to see updates.  Well, over on Oops, I Craft My Pants I learned how to install a "Next" button.  Now if I click it, I get to see the most recent blog post from my list of blogs I follow.  Then I click it again and it takes me to another blog with a new update.  And so on....

I LOVE my next button!!

--I get to see the blog, the whole blog, and get the "feel"
--From a blogger's perspective, when someone looks at my blog via their Google Reader, that's great, but it doesn't show up as traffic on my blog - the more traffic I get, the more that businesses want to advertise, etc.  Using the next button they actually land on my blog, so I can count them as traffic - yea!
--So, instead of becoming someone's follower just to enter a giveaway, and not doing much else (what I used to do)....I now seek out blogs to "follow" and click "follow" so that their updates will pop up in my google reader and I'll come upon them with my next button.

It was just a drag and drop to install the next button - - go get yours! 

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I love.Love.LOVE this! I mean to the gazillionth degree I love this! Thanks for posting this. You are my hero of the day! :)

I set mine up a few months ago and I swear it's changed my life!! It's the only way I read blogs now.

P.S. When your reader is empty, it will say "Congratulations! You've read the end of this internets!"


hi im a new follower from Welcome Wednesday!

check out my blog follow back

Thanks for sharing this! I absolutely love it! Now, if it would just work on my cell... :)

what a great feature! i just added it & can't wait to use it, thanks!!!

ACK!!! That is fantastic!! I've heard SO many people say "use Google Reader" I never did, I couldn't figure it out. I actually spent today cleaning it out while daddy and the girl took a father's day nap! SO NOW I'm so ready for this "next" button!! :)

Oooh. I love the next button too! What a great little tutorial...I will have to share a link to your site on the SNAP! blog tomorrow!


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