Hair Jewels

Alright everyone, I made it on SoYouThinkYou’reCrafty – but barely!

I was the one with the Hair Jewels.  I knew my audition didn’t have “wow” factor.  But part of the rules are to be unique, so I had it in my mind that you had to come up with something that had never been seen as crafted before.  I didn’t realize that I could take an idea and just make-it-my-own.  So now I know!  I will try to represent a little better for the next round….
But for now, if you were wanting to know how I made these:

Instead of paying high dollar amounts for just a few hair accessories, why not craft your own Hair Jewels – super easy, super crafty, super thrifty – perfect!!

The grips make them easy to cling into hair, and the up side gives great bling factor:

Hair Jewels can be used in a variety of styles.  Up and down, young and old.  Take a Homecoming Hairdo to the next level or add a bit of funky to the flowergirl.  They make a quick pony tail and bobby-pinned curls look great!

So – wondering on the how-to??  Anyone can do this – grab a package of jewel stickers (I found mine in the scrapbook section at ole Walmart) and some velcro.

Cut the “hook” side of the velcro (the prickly one) into little circles.

Then just take the jewel sticker and stick a velcro piece to the back of it – that’s it!  To put them in hair just wiggle them in a little and they’ll stay.  To get them out just slide and pull it all the way down the hair strands.  Questions on how to make hair jewels???

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  1. Anonymous says

    Tomorrow is ‘bling bling’ day for homecoming at my daughters school. I just made some of these for her to wear tomorrow! Thanks!

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