September 9, 2010

Knot Shirt Refashion

I know you see them everwhere - TShirt Refashions.  I have to admit, a lot of them don't really call my name.  But there are a few that make me think "I should try that!".  Then, when at the grocery store, I noticed a bin of shirts for $1 (who knows why they were at the grocery store, but whatever) so I dug through and found 2 XL the same color - from what I read you always grab the XL for extra fabric.  Anyways, I thought, here's my chance to try a TShirt Repurpose of my own..

I knew I wanted to keep it simple.  I pictured a ruffle around the neck and that was about all.  So I just dove in - measured a shirt of mine and cut around it:
But don't use the pictures above as a guide - it went horribly wrong.  I pleated the sleeves because I thought it'd look nice and sewed it all back together - it was too small and the pleats made the sleeves super super tight. Ugh.
BUT, I had one more shirt, so instead of using it for strips I used it for the main shirt and cut up the one I had already messed up into strips.  Unfortunately at this point since I'd already had a failure I stopped taking pictures.  I ended up not cutting the sides at all, just taking them in a little (I'm now thinking that the "XL" must have been a child's size....).  I also cut the neckline off so it wouldn't look like a boxy t-shirt.  So then I cut the hem off the sleeves to match.
For the neck I tried a ruffle, but it was waaay over powering.  So I just slightly gathered a strip and tied it in knots:
And then I sewed between the knots to tack the strip down.
Some of the knots still fluffed wierd so I hand-tacked them down while I watched TV.  Not a big deal.
It went all the way around the front and back of the neckline and looked like this:
For the sleeves, I just used a skinnier strip and tied the knots a little more frequently.  I also added a pleat to the edge, (not to the shoulder like on the mess-up shirt) for a more fitted look:
I think it turned out alright.  I'm not in love with it, but it's not bad.  Since there's no stability on the neckline, since I cut that off, the knots kind of weigh it down as the day goes on and they fold over a little, so that's kind of annoying.  Plus the actual shirt could be longer for my taste, but once again, it must have been a kid's shirt.   But hey, for $2, it works.   Anyways, I realized these TShirt Refashions aren't as easy to just "whip up" as they look!!


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Well, I LOVE it! I think it turned out super cute and it is very flattering on you. I am glad you were honest that it is not that easy to just "whip up" a t-shirt refashion because I have thought about it but...I don't think I will do it for a while, not until I am a bit more "experienced." Good job!

Adorable! What a great way to dress up a shirt!

Wow, you are so talented....I just love what you did with that pink t-shirt. It's simply adorable! I always admire people that can sew.

Super cute! The end result turned out great, and I love the pleated sleeve!

I like the's adorable on you. Maybe next time you will find it easier to do next time. Thanks for sharing.

that's adorable! it looks so much better than the plain old t shirt did!

Very cute, I love the sleeve.

I think this is cute. You're so honest! It looks great!

Thanks for joining my Friday link party! See you this Friday!!

I love the knot look. It turned out cute.

Who knew knots could be so adorable!

I made a cute skirt for my DD for Christmas and was playing around with the scraps. I tied them in knots but wasn't sure how it would go attaching them to a t-shirt. THIS IS PERFECT! I am so thankful for this tutorial! Thank you thank you!

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