Photography Tips: Take LOTS of pictures

When you look at other peoples’ pictures you probably think – wow, they got a great shot.  What you don’t know is that they may have taken 200 pictures to get that one shot.  That happens to me all the time!!  I take tons of pictures, hoping for one good one.  All you need is one, right??  But the blooper ones are fun to look at too.
This is how it usually goes taking pictures of my kids – the toddler looking off at nothing, the 5 year old trying to help with a “look at the camera” finger point, the 7 year never holding the smile long enough, the bored 3 year old.  Fun times.

Just keep trying!

I wanted a picture with their heads together to use to make the glass tile pendants.  So I realized the line-up position wouldn’t work.  I thought I’d try the older kids laying down with the younger ones sitting on them.  The younger ones just didn’t get it…

And so I thought maybe heads only.  But the toddler just wanders….

Get over here mister! So he plops down.

So then I clear out all the kids except him, and then when he sits again I have them all rush in and sit around him.

 But it still wasn’t working.

Oh well.  There’s a give-up point.  So I tried another day, with stools in the back, and that worked.  Moral of the story – take LOTS of pictures.  Digital pictures are free – take as many as you want.  Really!!
And oh look, he does like to get his picture taken after all:

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    ADORABLE kids!! Do forget, you are my Sunday Spotlight! Come by Sassy Sites and check it out Sunday! I’m so excited! You are an easy girl to spotlight because ALL of your stuff is super cute!!!

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    So cute! Last year we tried to get a picture of all five grandkids to give to my mom for her 60th birthday. My nephew who was then 18 months wanted nothing to do with it. He screamed the whole time. So what was supposed to be an adorable picture of the five cutest kids ever was four sort of stunned looking kids, one screaming child and 3 adults who were not expecting to get in the picture at all. My mom loved it!

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    I couldn’t agree more! My other half often tells me off for taking too many similar photos, but this is the reason why – not to get 20 similar shots, but to (hopefully) get ONE good one!

    And you did get cute pics in the end :)

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