Rolled Fabric Flowers

I have taught 2 different women’s groups about how to make fabric flowers.  At both I taught Kanzashi Fabric Flowers (like HERE) and at one I also taught the Fabric Roses for home decor.  At both classes I happened to be wearing a magnetic flower broach –  a classic mirror shot:

Anyways, after my segment in the classes, both times several people came up to me wanting to know how to make the type of fabric flowers that I was wearing.  I just assumed that they were so simple to make, that everyone knew how and no tutorial on them was needed.  But maybe that’s because I live in craft-blog-land, and normal people don’t see fabric flower tutorials on a daily basis.  Anyways, here’s for the normal people – how to make a rolled fabric flower – I even made a video:

So basically, you get a strip of fabric – I like to rip mine so there are frayed edges – tie a knot in one end, then just wrap the strip around the knot, giving a twist here and there as you go.  Wrap til it’s as big as you want it, then glue the end down and then glue the whole flower onto a circle piece of fabric/felt. You can even make the middle one strip of fabric and then wrap a different strip around the outside.

I like this type of fabric flower for headbands and broaches because they’re flatter than the gathered fabric flowers.  Anyways, super easy, just try it – and don’t aim for perfection – each is unique and cute!

(LOVE those 6 for $1 cheap-o headbands at the Dollar Store – great for wrapping in fabric, plus they’re the ones my girls wear because they’re not too tight and don’t have those pokey teeth things.)

You can also use these type of flowers to make super-cute necklaces:

You can find that full tutorial here:  Rolled Fabric Flower Necklace

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    Good point. After hanging out in craft-blogland for only nine months I already have already started taking things for granted that I totally had no clue about nine months ago.

    By the way…did you refashion that shirt you are wearing in the video?

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    LOVE IT! I have seen these everywhere but had not attempted them yet, you make it look so easy I am going to go try it now! Thanks for a great tutorial. Love your color combos too.

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    Good Morning, This is Amber from Life, Love, Green and I just wanted to let you know that I linked this post up on my web page because you did such a good job explaining, I figure why re-invent the wheel? :)

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    Can I tell you how much I seriously love your down to earth blog?! I just watched your how to video on the fabric flowers and voila! I love your hairband ideas and am going to make some and post on my blog. I’ll link back to this post so others can come see your terrific blog! Thank you!


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