Saturday Night Spotlight: Green Gracie Home

Today I get to feature Green Gracie Home.  Here is the backstory, straight from Beverly herself:

I was an interior design major that ended up selling real estate for 15 years.  My life changed when my oldest son was 3.  He was diagnosed with Autism.  My priorities shifted and that included not only reducing my crazy schedule (we had 3 boys under 4 yrs old at the time and hadn’t added our daughter yet) but also following my dreams.  I opened up a home staging and organizing company with a friend (who has since had to move).  The more I did the more creative our services became and word of mouth helped spread our business.  One day I got a phone call to re-do a family room.  It was my now partner Susan.  Her job was huge and had some ups and downs.  But you can tell so much from a person by how they handle themselves when things don’t go well.  We became friends.  Six months later I was ready to grow the company and bring someone in as a new partner.  Susan raised her hand (actually glass of wine) and said that she believed in my vision and lets go for it.  And that is how we became Green Gracie Home.

You’ve got to go check out her blog, Green Gracie Home, there are great tips on rearranging furniture to redo a room on a budget, revamping old furniture, small decorating ideas and crafts, etc.  You could spend a lot of time checking it all out, that’s for sure!!  If you don’t want to miss any of the posts over there, be sure to “follow” them.

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