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Spraypainted shoes by This Thrify House - the idea behind these reminded me of my mod podge shoes (spruce up garage sale finds!) plus seeing this post motivated me to run out and spraypaint some crocs – more on that later…

The play diaper bag over at Twelve Crafts Til Christmas – Elizabeth is so nice to put that much work into a play bag!!

Did you ever think to use rubber stamps on your fondant?  I Design did and they turned out amazingly simple but fun – love the look:

And still on a treat note, don’t you love these mini caramel apples?  I love caramel apples but they’re tricky to eat – but not in mini form!  I could eat about a million, I’m sure.  Check them out over at Oh Mandie – she made homemade caramel but I might go a lazy route and just melt some caramel squares…

And, drumroll …..the most viewed link…..Baby Tutorials over at The Autocrat – Haley linked up her bibs (cute, of course) but I’m kind of partial to that Baby Flower Corsage on the same post  – so go check that out!

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button: – THIS IS THE NEW CODE!!  If you have EVER been featured before, my old button turned into a blaring ad for photobucket so you’ll need to re-grab – I know it’s a hassle, so my apologies!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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