September 22, 2010

Showing Off

Features for Today:

I have quilting-on-the-brain - I've never made a quilt but I'm about to embark on that venture (I'm already gathering fabrics).  So I love to see that other non-quilters, like Oh Mandie, can do it!  - love her colors!  Maybe my new bedroom scheme...

How about this amazing picnic table at Going on at the Glenn's - wow!!  Did you guys follow plans? Can you point us to them?  I want to make this!
Check out these Embroidered Hands at The Mother Lode - inspired me to get to teaching my girls how to embroider!
And I want to bust out some polymer clay so I can make cute little ornaments like this from Whimsical Creations:
Love this patchwork skirt from Living with Punks!! Great job!

And now, who was the most visited link?!?!  Guesses anyone??  It's not a shock, that's for sure...
Once again, Sarah from Welcome to the gOOd life has whipped up something unreal - I am always WOWed by her sewing abilities and eye to see something in what I think is nothing.  This time she took a skirt that I would have discarded and turned it into an amazing dress:

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button: - THIS IS THE NEW CODE!!  If you have EVER been featured before, my old button turned into a blaring ad for photobucket so you'll need to re-grab - I know it's a hassle, so my apologies!

Also, did you notice? I made it to SYTYC - SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty - more on that later today...


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OOOO - a new quilter - how exciting!! Have fun!

Yay! Thank you for the feature!! The fabrics I used I mostly bought on etsy, aside from the blue and green striped boardering the the squares, it's just a nameless fabric from JoAnns.

The other ones are:
Heather Bailey Wallpaper Roses
Amy Butler Chrysanthemum
Joel Dewberry Chestnut Hill
Paula Prass Zinna Path
Heather Bailey Church Flowers

Oh thanks for featuring me. And yes we did make this table from plans. It is a plan from a book I bought my husband last year for his birthday. It is called "The Complete Book of Woodworking" There are TONS of awesome plans in it. I got it from Barnes and Noble online I think. Highly recommend if you want to get into building things for yourself! We are also huge fans of Knock Off Wood blog.

I dont know what it is about the name Mandi(y)(ie) that just makes us creative but I have meet more girls named mandi on my blog than I have in my entire life. CRAZY!

love your guts

I'm a new quilter too... I'm keeping progress on my blog :)

Thank you so much for featuring me. =)

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