Waxees Review and GIVEAWAY!

I want to introduce you to a really fun new product – Waxees!  Waxees are handmade candle embellishments.  You glue them to your candles and then they’ll melt right along with your candle when you burn it.  Genuis. right??

Ideas for uses: You can use Waxees to embellish centerpiece candles for weddings, bridal showers,  baby showers,  birthday parties, and candles for your special dinner night. Decorate the lifeless candles you have in your living room and transform them into beautiful decorations.

I was recently sent 2 sets of Waxees to review.  First impressions were great – look at the packaging!!  And then a peek inside:

I LOVED how this was something I “crafted”.  So I have a vested interest in my candles.   First you hot glue the centers on the flowers and then hot glue the flowers on the candles.  The first couple I couldn’t get my hot glue to stay on the wax – it would pull away with my glue gun.  But I came up with a technique where I would hold the glue on with a pin, put the center on, then pull the pin out.  This worked perfectly for me – – I tried to take quick pictures:

Judith from Waxees suggested buying candles at garage sales, etc, for a fraction of the price of stores, and then embelllishing them.  You know I love a good bargain, so when I saw some purple candles for $0.25 I knew that with some Waxees attached they’d be perfect for my girls’ room.  Here’s the boring before compared to the after (same candles – color looks different because of lighting):

I also made a set for my bathroom using a different color of Waxees – they match the room exactly:

I am really impressed with the large amount of product you get (around 22 flowers and buttons) for only $5 (and right now shipping is FREE as an introductory offer – what a deal!!). There are several color choices.
You might want to head on over right now and order for the free shipping (I’m not sure how long that will last).

And now for the giveaway – – Waxees is giving away 3 sets!!  That’s right, 3 winners!  The winners will get their choice of color.  Exciting, your odds of winning just increased 3 fold.  So how to enter??

–Head over to www.Waxees.com and let me know which set you would choose if you win (you can find all the choices under the “BUY” tab) – – leave a comment on this post (just click below where it says Fabulous Comments)

–After checking out Waxees, if you’d like a second entry, leave a comment saying your a follower (or that you just became a follower)

–And for a third chance, tell people about the giveaway – you could blog about it, facebook about it, do that tweet thing,http://www.waxees.com/ send out an email, call up a neighbor, whatever, as long as you spread the word somehow – then leave a comment saying something like “I spread the word!”

So there you go, 3 ways to enter, 3 winners picked – that’s 9 chances, right? (my mind is traveling back to my college stats class…).  Good Luck – Giveaway ends Friday, Sept 10th, around noon.


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