October 23, 2010

Banana Bread - looks yummy!

When my husband was in France on business last year he had a certain dessert a lot so my souvenir was the silicone pan used to make it (was a great gift - practical and fun - I loved it!).  I haven't made the dessert yet (it'd help if I remembered what it's called) but when I was making banana bread the other day I grabbed the pan instead of a boring old bread pan.  See how it came out - fun, right??

Every Tuesday at our house is "Breakfast Tuesday" - you know, breakfast for dinner.  Anyways, Banana Bread was the side dish but when it came out of the pan and I topped it with powdered sugar, it looked so yummy that the kids thought it was dessert - fine by me, it was great!
The recipe is Banana Banana Bread from AllRecipes and it is a keeper!!  I enjoyed how much banana it called for. I love AllRecipes - I use it alot and look for recipes with lots of high-rated reviews. 

So, don't be afraid to branch out and break rules - banana bread, not in a bread pan - fabulous!


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What a creative way to do Banana Bread. I will have to try this for my family.

Yum! This looks so yummy...and beautiful, too! I love the shape (:

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