October 25, 2010

Candy Wrapper Flowers

Phew, another week and I'm still in!!  This being in a contest thing is starting to get intense!  Last week my entry was Candy Wrapper Flowers.

I know that recycling has a lot to do with upcycling and repurposing, but when I hear the word "recycle" I think glass, paper, aluminum - you know, trash.  And with Halloween coming up, the biggest trash will be all those candy wrappers laying around.  Instead of throwing them out, make cute Candy Wrapper Flowers.

Candy Wrapper Flowers are an update to the throw-back of Candy Wrapper Bows that were popular in the 80s - those we great, right?  But instead of big and floofy, using a few folds they can have a more modern look.  You can wear them attached to clips and hairpins:
And I love their look attached to a headband, the big trend right now.

So save all those wrappers and start crafting!

So, I'm sorta glad I didn't win because I didn't have a tutorial ready to go - here's a few tips:
--When making the flowers with "petals" I thought I could glue them - wrong - I ended up sewing them just like fabric flowers.
--I did hot glue a back  on to stablize them and again used hot glue to secure them to headbands and clips.  Then to reinforces I hot glued more wrapper over the spot.
--the M&M wrapper is several fun sizes wrappers folded fan-style all sewed together to make a circle.  The blue middle is a wad of taffy wrapper.
--you can buy 12 packs of taffy for $1 at the dollar store - it wasn't good, but the wrappers were great, bright colors.
--The skittles wrappers were fun size, each petal was one fun-size wrapper - I folded them in Kanzashi flower method.
--The starbursts are just wads glued onto a clip

I know this is the worst how-to ever!  But I didn't take pictures while I made them because I wasn't sure if it'd work or not.  Anyways, any questions??


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What an awesome way to recycle all of the Halloween wrappers that will be coming in for Halloween. I wish my daughter had more hair so I could make some for her! (She's only 18 months)

Great idea. I saw your post on Made by you mondays. I became a follower. Stop by my blog sometime

Love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

What contest had you submitted your adorable hair clips to. I would like to see what other ideas of things people did?

Hi Bridget - I am in SoYouThinkYoureCrafty - there's a button on the top right of my blog - last week the theme was "recycled" and this week is "yarn"

What a fun idea! I'll be featuring this on my blog on Saturday!


Thanks for linking up!

Sumo :)

Wow what a great idea!

This week is my blog anniversary and I'm hosting a week's worth of great giveaways. Feel free to stop by if you'd like!

I totally voted for this one....SO CUTE! I'm going to have my kids save all the wrappers from their halloween candy so we can give these cute flowers a try!

What a fun and creative idea!

So colourful and fun !
I did these folded flowers too but turned it into a corner bookmark here http://angsandy.blogspot.com/2010/09/kusudama-flowers.html

Ack! I love these! This is such a great idea! I'm always on the look out for great projects using stuff I already have on hand - thanks for sharing.

Pretty darn cute! Thanks for sharing.

So cute - I'm going to have to go eat some candy just so I can make these. Darn! I'm including you in my Friday Favorites this week!

I love the idea! I am going to make some for embellishing packages for birthdays.

These are awesome and a great way to use all those wrappers that will be coming this evening!

This is such a fun way to put candy wrappers to use (and at my house, there are a LOT of candy wrappers!)

Hi Mandy! What a fantastic idea! Super cute. Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! I'll be featuring this today - stop by and grab a feature button if you like. Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

These are so much fun and so original. Great idea.

So original, I love these! Thanks for sharing


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