Clipboards and Grab Bag Box

Paper Crafts- my crafting weakness.  You probably know this already because I hardly ever touch on paper crafts on the craft blog.  It’s just so intimidating – everyone makes such cute things, and I can’t even come close.

Anyways, for our trip the kids got clipboards for the 22 hour car ride – I thought it’d be fun to decorate the backs of them – it would build the excitement for them to craft something for the trip, etc.

So they are the ones who did this papercraft (that’s so so I can blame some of the less-than-cute things on kids!) – I finished them up while they were in bed and covered them in a layer of mod podge.  The fronts are still plain so they have a smooth writing surface.  They LOVED that they made their own.  Fun all-around .

And so as not to overload you with 2 posts in a day today (it is Friday and all), here’s one more thing to do while you’re in the cutting-letters-using-mod-podge mode: Grab Box.

First, my mom bought this at a garage sale thinking we might need it – nope.  I was thinking, why waste a whole quarter on trash, but then I got an idea of a repurpose.

My husband’s family always had “grab bags” on trips when he was growing up.  We thought this would be fun for our trip.  The idea is that every 30 minutes or something, each child gets to pick something from the grab bag – I’ve been stocking up on dollar toys, little junk from garage sales, small travel games, etc.  So I used the above to make our Grab Box – cute if you ask me.  Hope it works to fend off boredom!

How to: I just cut letters, put mod podge on the backs to glue them down, then painted mod podge over everything.  First peel off all the old lego labels, and I needed to use a little goo-be-gone for the gunk that wouldn’t come off.

That’s it for vacation craft show-offs.  Back to regularly scheduled crafting….

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    Those clip boards are awesome! And I love the grab bag idea, too, and the repurposed Lego box! Super cool.

    I love your blog – your kids are so lucky to have you! I passed the “Versatile Blogger Award” on to you, you can read about it here. :)

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