Custom Kitchen Towels

Custom kitchen towels have been on my to-do list for a while now.  I finally got around to making them.  It’s one of those projects that after you do it, you think, “well why did I wait so long to do that!?!” because there was nothing to it.

So a quick run down on how to make custom kitchen towels – buy a pack of plain towels, cut strips of fabric, and sew them on.  That’s it – no real tutorial needed.  Here’s a picture of how I attached the fabric – I ironed under the edges and then pinned them down, then just sewed them along the edges.

I love how they turned out – I made 6 – 2 of each kind.

I know it looks silly to have 3 towels hanging on the oven, but I like them all and couldn’t decide which would get the place of honor (if hanging on that old oven is an honor)…

So go grab some plain towels and jazz them up for yourself – this is one of those projects that you’ll love!!

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    These turned out very cute. I made a bunch a couple years ago and want to make some more for gifts this year, but cannot find any plain white towels. Where did you find yours?


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