October 14, 2010

Fall Shirts

I watch the neighbor girl one day a week so I always think it's fun to craft with her and my daughter - I think they might like it as much as I do.  Anyways, as it turned cold, and as I found socks on clearance, I thought we would make summer shirts into fall shirts.

First, grab the clearance socks and a few plain short-sleeved shirts that won't fit next summer but still fit right now, make a big pile, and let the girls pick their goods.

Cut the socks at the ankle area.  Sew the cut edge to the sleeve so the finished sock edge will end up at the wrist.  It's a tight area, so just go slow....
For the letter, I let them pick where to put it.  One girl wanted it on front top and one wanted it on bottom side - so I complied.  Cut the foot scrap of the sock open and put it under the shirt.
Then sew the letter - you could hand-sew it or use a machine to slowly trace around a letter you draw on, etc.  I used my embroidery machine.  Then cut out the inside of the letter.
The view of the letters (both their names start with "A" - I guess they could share the shirts with each other if they wanted to...)
They love modeling for the camera - this is the "make some crazy faces" shot:
It's the sleeves that makes this so fun - and I grabbed them for a little more than a dollar - score!


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Love the way you are extenting the life of summer shirts. Great idea!

Lovely! Great ideia for recycling clothes!

Love the socks idea. I've got a bunch sitting around, ready for some new purpose.

Absolutely love this idea!!!!

These look so fun! I will have to find some fun socks and make Miss K one! Thanks for sharing on Fantabulous Friday!

How fun is this??? I love it because my daughter is one of those that wears the same 3 shirts over and over. This would extend the life of them and make her happy! Thanks for sharing! I hope you can join my giveaway for $65 at CSN.com going on now!

Great idea! my daughter would have so much fun picking out cute socks for this project!!

Hi Mandy! I featured your cute shirts on my blog...hope you can stop by and grab a button!

Brilliant idea. This is so much fun and so cute.

This is a brilliant idea! I saw you on craft gossip and had to try it! I posted it today:

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