October 30, 2010

Flower Cupcakes

I was able to make cupcakes for a baby shower a few weeks ago - happy day!  I have seen so many cute cupcakes out there - aren't cupcakes all the rage right now?? - and I've been wanting an excuse to make some.  The theme for the shower was pink and flowers, so I made plain cupcakes topped with flowers made out of Gum Paste.  I had never used gum paste before, but it was kind of like fondant except that it dried hard.  I used the tutorial over at the Make It And Love It CAke Series (love that series - makes me feel like I can actually tackle cake-decorating).

I made some of my flowers curved out and some flat - but I loved the curved ones most.  I didn't have a "molding cup" and I'm cheap so instead of buying one I put the flowers out over my measuring spoons.  By the end I had every spoon I could find on the counter with gumpaste flowers drying on them.

The cupcakes were lemon with a raspberry filling - the cake was a mix (with extra oil added) and I made the raspberry filling by blending the raspberries and heating it and stirring in sugar and cornstarch.  I found a tutorial on filling cupcakes, but of course I can't find the link now.  Basically I cut a cone-shape out of the cupcake and put in filling, then cut a piece off the cone so it was then a lid and put the lid back over the hole in the cupcake.  I thought they were pretty yummy.  And I made those cupcake liners too - cute, right?
And I had nothing to do with anything else party related, but I had to take a picture to show you these flower balloons my friend made - just 5 pink balloons and 1 yellow balloon - genius!
 She hung them around the entryway to the room - super cute.
Have a great Halloween!!  Save those candy wrappers so you can put them to good use..... (do you think the kids get annoyed when I say "don't rip it open - bring it here so I can cut it for a nice edge" - I'm sure they just think I'm crazy....)


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Wow! These are great for your first time. They look very professional...and yummy.

These are soooo cute!! I have cake decorated for a long time but have never used gum paste yet. I use fondant but don't like the way that the flowers "wilt" and won't dry hard enough to hold shape. I just need to bite the bullet and try something new. Would have never known this was your first time. Love the idea of using the spoons. I am hosting an annual Holiday Recipe Exchange starting Monday and would love to have you join. www.foodfunandfotos.com

Very cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE gumpaste and flowers! 68% of my cutters are flowers! Use a bismark tip for filling cuppies and you won't have that extra step of coring it... and you won't loose any of that wonderful cake!

My friend and I have been complimenting with fondant and different icings . . . I totally forgot about gum paste . . .going to try it out!!

Those flower cupcakes are gorgeous!! Great job!

I love the candy wrapper bows. I never would have thought of that. How creative.

Stopping by from the Sassy Sites Blog Hop.

Found your blog through links! Hey if you would ever like to be featured for either a project you have done or any recipes you have than please come one over to our site.Thanks for letting me visit

Hopping over from Just Something I Whipped Up.

These are so adorable. I have always wanted to try gum paste flowers too. Thanks for showing us. They sound delicious with the filling and the wrappers are wonderful. Wrappers really make the cupcakes pop.

gorgeous display, I love the flower idea and the cupcake holders.

Would love to have you link this up at Trendy Treehouse. We have a party every wednesday to share creative projects, recipes, ect. Hope you join in....


These are gorgeous!!!! thank you for sharing

Hanna from www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

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