October 8, 2010

Hand-me-down Spruce-Up

My toddler has a favorite pair of shoes - his sister's too small pink crocs.  He has crocs in black that are his, but they're a little snug, and the pink ones are a little big so he can put them on himself.  Which he does.  Anytime we go anywhere, there he appears, wearing the pink crocs.  Finally I thought enough was enough and I spray-painted them.  They turned out great and he loved them.  But now, a few weeks have past, and the paint is starting to flake off - good thing he just got a pair of black crocs handed down from a cousin (they heard of him wearing pink crocs and couldn't let that happen!)

Another fun way to spruce up hand-me-downs - iron on jewels.  These jeans actually aren't hand-me-downs, but still.  Just iron on jewels.  My daughter LOVED this project and these are now her favorite jeans since she helped make them.
My kids live in hand-me-downs and clothes from garage sales.  Sprucing things up makes them our own.  Any other ideas on Hand-me-down Spruce-Ups??


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Love this! Never would have thought to spray paint crocs! The embellished jeans are darling too! Love that they are personalized! What better way to make a little one feel good about wearing a hand me down! Did a couple updates to some of our hand me downs!
These were easy and fun!
These took no time at all!

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