Pumpkins – SYTYC

My entry to the “pumpkin” theme on SYTYC:

Pumpkin Cutouts are a simple and cute way to wear your love of fall.

For one option, find a discarded black shirt, and spice it up with a jack-o-lantern and fun sleeves.

You or your child will then have a unique Halloween shirt for minimal cost.

For another option, instead of a jack-o-lantern, grab a clearance tank and add a plain pumpkin for a shirt that can be layered all Fall long.

So, I’m slow on blogging today (note, it’s mid-afternoon) and so being lazy I’m just loading some of my “tutorial” pics on as-is, no editing, no watermaking, no shrinking to web view size, etc (those of you that blog, don’t you think that whole aspect of it can be such a hassle?? – and so I’m skipping it today) – –
Print out a pumpkin shape (or freehand it, but I’m awful at that!) and trace around it on your shirt. Cut that part out.stick a square of fabric under the hole.

 Stitch in large stitches using contrasting thread around the edge to hold it down to your fabric.  Stitch any embellishments (vines, etc) as you want.

 Iron on some fusible interfacing to the back so it will stiffen up the whole area.  That’s it!

Cut some festive socks at the ankle.

 Pin and sew them to the sleeve.  This sleeve was big so I added a pleat as shown.

 Trace a jack-o-lantern on the black shirt using chalk.  Layer the fabric under it.

 Pin the shirt to the fabric and using the sewing machine sew on all of your white lines.  After sewing, cut out the excess black spaces.  That’s it!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the shirts I made that inspired me to make this my “pumpkin” project….

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Mandy, this turned out so neat. I love the sock idea, for the sleeves. Would have never thought they were socks, lol. I am hosting a party, all things halloween, **6 weeks 2 Spook** and would love if you linked up. Thanks again, Bella :)

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