October 20, 2010

Showing Off

I show off more and more links each week - I just can't help it!  Here there are, in random order...

Check out the look of this Leaf Headband at Get Craftin - a more subtle headband if the bulky rosette ones aren't your thing

Did you ever think to make coasters with bottlecaps?  Remember I made my husband a rootbeer bottle sampler kit for his birthday - I knew I should have saved those caps!  Check them out at Just Drops in the Bucket.
Crazy Craftin Momma made candy corn topiaries - I've seen these around and had them on a to-do list - - maybe next year....
Have you seen this amoire from I heart Naptime? I enjoy how she kept the original handles and just painted them instead of getting new ones - you should see this thing's before!
See how a little fondant can make for super cute farm cupcakes over at A House of Boys.  You can also check out all the other festivities.
I'm weak for family themed costumes - we've done football/cheerleaders/football player, cowboys/girls, Star Wars, etc - - ghostbusters is a great idea, over at This Mommy Loves.
I don't even like Oreo, but I can't stop staring at these little Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecakes.....Get the recipe at Inside BruCrew Life.
For a simpler Halloween Treat, just add a Hershey's Kiss to a cookie - check out the Witch Hats at Craftily Ever After.
I've heard about and seen a lot of diaper cakes, but never a diaper wreath - what a great idea.  Details over on The Little Brown House.
I was just needing some alphabet blocks today!  That paper is perfect - check out the details at This & That Creative.
This pillowcase-style candy corn reminds me of my pillowcase ghost - so of course I love it!  See more pics and a matching mom bib rosette necklace at Nancy's Couture.

And, the most-viewed link????? was it you?

It was the Nutter Butter costume over at Mary the Kay. - Simple and fun (except for my cousin, Kate - she can't stand to touch foam - really!  as kids we chased her with foam, and even today when she changes sheets on beds with memory-foam mattresses, she wears gloves - I think of her when I see foam!)

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button:

Stay tuned  - - later today I'll show you what I made with my Makia Creations Kit.....


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Thanks so much for featuring my ghostbusters costumes, Mandy!!! What cute stuff people have come up with. I especially love the Alphabet blocks!!!

Wow those topiaries are awesome!! Great finds!!

Thanks for featuring my topiaries!! They are my pride and joy and I am still amazed they aren't broken! My 2 year old has knocked them over multiple times. They are heavy things!! Awesome posts by everyone!!

Everything was so great today! Let's make topiaries whilel eating the oreo cheesecake things. Topiary chick- I am so copying this idea!

Thank you SO MUCH for the feature! It seriously made my day :)

Mandy, you just MADE my day by featuring my little cutie in the Nutter Butter costume!! Okay, and that is really funny about your cousin Kate not being able to touch foam. I am guessing this foam would have been even worse for her--I don't think this foam was at ALL *new*...You can tell by the darker color of it, that it had been around our summer camp for quite a while. :-)

Thank you thank you thank you for featuring my cheesecakes today...you made my day:-)

My first feature! Such an honor coming from one of the blogs that made me start writing my own. Many <3s going your way.


Thank you so much for featuring me! Your comment was stuck in my spam folder for some reason, so I did't know you had until today - hope you didn't think I was rude for not saying thanks!!!
I am so honored to be featured with all of these great projects!

Thank you for featuring my farm birthday!!!! You totally made my day!

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