October 27, 2010

Spider Shirt

My kids have weeks worth of Halloween Outfits - seriously!!  Grandma buys new gigs every year - this year she remembered that they have a ton and got them skeleton jammies instead of shirts, so that was fun.  Anyways, I have nothing.  NOTHING!  Where have I been - - so when I saw the quick how-to make a spider shirt over at AGAAGG (that'd be A Girl and A Glue Gun) I thought I could whip one up.

I took the Minnie Mouse shirt I made for myself (because really, it's cute at Disney, but in real life?  I didn't think it'd be a constant in my wardrobe rotation) and ripped off the Minnie.   Then I hot glued the spiders right on.  I was skeptical, but it worked!  And they're on for good.

It took maybe 5 minutes.  I did it was I was getting ready to head out the door to Halloween Storytime at the Library.  Fun, right?  So if you need last-minute attire this weekend, this could be you:

And speaking of A Girl and A Glue Gun, I love this pin Kimbo made.   Back when I was trying to hit 500 followers, my husband asked me what I thought a "big" craft blog was - I said it was 1,000 followers.  Uh, I'm over 1200 right now.  Wow - am I "big"!?  I now think that 3,000 followers is big, but I like to think in my corner of the craft world I might be a big deal....maybe...sorta......


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Love the shirt and the cute little button! I am new to blogging...how do you even hit 100 readers? Lol!

That shirt it too cute. I love it. I never think my blog is big but some people do and I always think others are more interesting. It is just nature to think others are better I think lol. I love your blog!

thanks for the shoutouts....love the shirt. I agree with you about the followers...I think the number of followers you have to have to make you a "big blog" is going to always be a number bigger than what we have. I was excited to reach fifty...crazy estatic to reach hundred...and now I think I will throw up a little in my mouth if I ever reach 2000....

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