Vest with Covered Buttons (and Random Shout-outs)

 I was lucky enough to test a vest pattern for Little Lizard King, found here (want to be a pattern tester? sometimes she asks for volunteers on her blog).  The pattern is for a reversible vest but I made both sides the same – it went together very quickly – love that.  My little boy will wear this for our family pictures (the girls will wear their flower-girl dresses and I’ll wear my matching mod podge shoes – my older son and husband will hopefully have ties that match as well….) – I like the idea of green accents instead of red for Christmas pictures – something different.

 (my model wasn’t cooperating – oh well!) I had never used fabric covered buttons before – they were so EASY!  I LOVE the look of them!  You just cut a little circle, use the enclosed tool to snap the button on to the back, and that’s it.  This is the first time I’ve done a row of buttons  – they got a little wonky, so don’t look too close.

Also, did you see that  I WON a giveaway over at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas?  Finally, entering millions of giveaways pays off!  I also won a subscription to EMealz, but I’ll tell you about that after I try it out – – anyways, I could pick any hat and went for the pink in a 5T, since my girls are almost 6 and 4 – I figured a 5 would allow them to share it.  They both LOVE it (you can buy this one HERE or check out the whole Girl In Air Shop for other choices) – warning, cute hat makes cute kids look even cuter:

And it was Hat Day for my kindergartener – check out the whole look!  She seems so grown-up!

(what’s with the cat and hose? oh well…)

Another shout-out – a reader is trying to get 90 emails or cards compiled for her mom’s 90th birthday – want to help with the effort – check that out at I Do Designs – -

Umm, I think I deleted my signature somehow – oops! – – MANDY

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    Thanks for the “shout-out”!!! Sloooowly but surely I’m getting the notes for Mom. I’m up to about 45+, so hopefully I’ll make it. I appreciate your help on this effort!!!!! You’re the best!!! (BTW… you’re kids are just too cute!!!!)

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