October 22, 2010

Vest with Covered Buttons (and Random Shout-outs)

 I was lucky enough to test a vest pattern for Little Lizard King, found here (want to be a pattern tester? sometimes she asks for volunteers on her blog).  The pattern is for a reversible vest but I made both sides the same - it went together very quickly - love that.  My little boy will wear this for our family pictures (the girls will wear their flower-girl dresses and I'll wear my matching mod podge shoes - my older son and husband will hopefully have ties that match as well....) - I like the idea of green accents instead of red for Christmas pictures - something different.

 (my model wasn't cooperating - oh well!) I had never used fabric covered buttons before - they were so EASY!  I LOVE the look of them!  You just cut a little circle, use the enclosed tool to snap the button on to the back, and that's it.  This is the first time I've done a row of buttons  - they got a little wonky, so don't look too close.

Also, did you see that  I WON a giveaway over at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas?  Finally, entering millions of giveaways pays off!  I also won a subscription to EMealz, but I'll tell you about that after I try it out - - anyways, I could pick any hat and went for the pink in a 5T, since my girls are almost 6 and 4 - I figured a 5 would allow them to share it.  They both LOVE it (you can buy this one HERE or check out the whole Girl In Air Shop for other choices) - warning, cute hat makes cute kids look even cuter:
And it was Hat Day for my kindergartener - check out the whole look!  She seems so grown-up!

(what's with the cat and hose? oh well...)

Another shout-out - a reader is trying to get 90 emails or cards compiled for her mom's 90th birthday - want to help with the effort - check that out at I Do Designs - -

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Thanks for the sweet shout out! Your kindergartner does look so grown up. When does that happen?

OhMyGosh your kids are the CUTEST!!! I love the vest & hat!! I am just stopping by to say hi :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Thanks for the "shout-out"!!! Sloooowly but surely I'm getting the notes for Mom. I'm up to about 45+, so hopefully I'll make it. I appreciate your help on this effort!!!!! You're the best!!! (BTW... you're kids are just too cute!!!!)

Good job on the vest! Who knew the buttons could be so easy. And yeah for winning a giveaway! :) Cute hat, cutest kids!

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