Birthday Cake

So once again I made some fondant (I talk about the how to on THIS POST).  My daughter requested a “pink and purple with stripes and dots” cake for her birthday.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  The “6” is out of gumpaste, so it is dried and that’s why it will stand up by itself (there’s a toothpick in it that’s sticking into the cake).  The wafer cookies are for a few girls at the parties with various cake-related food allergies – they’re in a bowl that the cake stand is setting it.

Has anyone heard of the Lakeside Collection – it’s a catalog of cheap stuff – cheap in price, and in quality.  I ordered this set of mini-cake pans from them.  I think layered cakes look so neat, but they take 2-3 cake mixes, and that’s a lot of cake to have sitting around.  These pans, 2 stacks of 3 (one of my littlest ones didn’t come out of the pan right), only take 1 cake mix total.  The perfect size – most kids really don’t eat a lot of cake.  You can see how small the cake was compared to my 6 year old – and there was still some left over from her party of 12 friends.  I’ll be using those pans again for sure!

If you haven’t tried fondant yet, give it a whirl – I think it’s fun to create with, and it makes you look like you know what you’re doing…(I just roll up a bunch of balls and put them on the seams where things weren’t lining up – it hides all the flaws)

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