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Hi! I’m Stacy from Not JUST A Housewife and I am so excited to be posting here at Sugar Bee Craft Edition!  I love all of Mandy’s ideas and tutorials! What a great blog :)
I am a stay at home mom to 4 little boys and I love it! It is definitely an adventure and they keep me plenty busy but I think it is important to take time for myself and to have hobbies. Otherwise I just might go insane! Here are some of the things you can see at my blog.

I recently refinished this antique desk. You should see what it looked like before! I have a tutorial on how I did it HERE.
With 4 busy boys I am always looking for fun activities to do with my kids. One rainy day we painted giant sugar cookies with a food coloring mixture.
Learn how to make your own cheese! It is easy and your kids can help. I am serious, and it is fun!

 If I can’t find the right fabric I just paint my own!

As a family we made these paper mache pumpkins. My boys loved it!!!
See how I fixed up our old bathroom for around $75.00!
 I {heart} power tools. I love to build things. It is easier than you might think. Check out my tutorial on making these shadowbox shelves.
I even attempt to sew. . . sometimes. Here is what I call a Soap Buddy. It’s a terry cloth pocket that velcros shut. Put your bar soap inside and lets your kids get clean!
Thank you Mandy for letting me post here today! Come and visit me sometime at Not JUST A Housewife :)
For birthday party ideas you can also check out my other blog. The Birthday Blog

–Alright everyone, hope you head over and check out the fabulousness Stacey has to offer!

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