November 22, 2010

Reading Nook Hanging Chair

Did you see me over at SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty??  I made it another round (who knew!!) - it's down to the top 3, so go vote!  This week is WINTER.

Here was my entry last week:

 After wandering through the hardware store, I came out with:  chains, eyebolts, nuts, washers, painter's dropcloth, lumber, metal bucket, bubble wrap, and colored duct tape.  All for the same project - crazy!!  But it all pulled together for my amazing Reading Nook Hanging Chair.  

I LOVE the look - it's the shiny hardware that makes the biggest statement:
 The chair doesn't hang too high off the ground, so it's easily accessible to young children.  I mounted it in the corner so it won't swing back and forth too much.  The chair is a relatively easy construction project that anyone can conquer (really!  just a few cuts - I was proud that I worked the chop-saw by myself - and then a few screws to hold it together).  I will provide you all the measurements for mine so you don't have to think, but you can also adjust my measurements to fit your own needs.

And I just had to share this cute picture of the Reading Nook Hanging Chair in action as my little guy was winding down for bedtime last night...

Want a quick tutorial??

--First, I spray-painted a dropcloth orange.  I did this because everything had to come from the hardware store - normally I would have just used a fabric that I liked.

--Cut 3 pieces out of a 2x4 - mine short ones were 12 inches, but I don't think they needed to be quite that long.  You'll need one 18 inches long as well. Paint and set aside.

--Cut a piece out of the dropcloth.  12 inches wide and long enough to drape to where you'd like it. Then fold over each end to make a pocket for the 2x4 - make it a little big so a bolt can fit in.  Refer to the picture:
 --Then I added a back to the sling part - mainly because my kids are little, so this wouldn't be a have-to.  I set out the sling part like in the picture above and traced that curve.  To make it more of a bucket-seat, I added pleats to one edge, like so:
 The back side of the pleats:
 Then I sewed the pleat side to the sling, right sides together.  That's it.
Screw the long 2x4 onto the back of the shorter ones after they have been fed into the pockets - to hold the sides apart.  I then used eye-screw things in the 4 corners to hold the chain.    Let me know if you have any questions!


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Mandy! This is AWESOME!!! I will totally be making one of these! My daughter will LOVE it! Perfect invitation for little ones to read!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

How cute! I could spend hours in a chair like that! (If it would hold my weight--heh).

How did I miss this?!?!?! I really need to make one, or five!

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