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Another GREAT link-up!  You are amazing, as always!  Are there a lot of you having trouble leaving comments?? I’m going to change my settings to see if that helps – – and thanks for the input on my picture – – the majority love B, as do I, but I should have mentioned that I plan to hang it in our bathroom (the “beach” bathroom, because there’s jars of sand in there, I guess) and so I leaned toward C so that it wasn’t like a family was staring at you while you were in there.  So I think I’m still deciding…anyways…..

Did I ever mention that I was the judge last week over at Fireflies and Jellybeans?  They have an Iron Crafter competition and the theme was sweaters – so many cute ideas!!  I know a lot of you linked up to Take-A-Look Tuesday last week and this week, but I don’t want to show bias as a judge and feature you – – but I DO want to encourage everyone to head over there and vote – I picked the top 10 so now it’s up to YOU to decide. (and now, by the way, I want to do some sweater crafts!! they’ve inspired me!)

Alright, enough rambling – – 
Here are some of my favorites…

MP3 holder over at A Girl And A Glue Gun – – I love the shout-outs to several other styles in the blogworld, so be sure to check those out (I’m thinking gift-making….)

 I’ve made lots of fabric flower accessories, but tried felt.  After seeing them on Olivia Renn, I’m going to give it go!

 Who doesn’t love a mobile?  Check out this ribbon one over on Between U & Me

 I can’t even say something about these snickers cupcakes – –  *drool* – – over at The Farm Girl she describes how they’re filled with caramel and more –  – – I WILL be making these!

 I’m weak for a sling bag – love this one over at Sew Super Sweet.

 I had to show off this rosette pin at Vintage Pollyanna because it reminded me so much of the one I made HERE – love that fabric we used!

 Oh, I wish this was in my house!  Check out the organizer over at Welcome Sunshine Home.

So, what you’ve been aiming for – the most view post:
Gratitude printables over at My Computer is My Canvas – – go check them out!

Stay tuned – later today I’ll show off my “yarn” craft from last week’s SoYouThinkYou’re Crafty……

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button:

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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